How to safely use the Solarium

Excessive tanning does not lead to anything good, but in special cases, you can afford a little tan in the salon. For example, before the wedding, which should perfectly look. Hiking in the Solarium can be made more safe if you follow a few simple rules.

О правилах безопасного похода в солярий

Tanning is required in the scarf, so as not to overdry hair. Eyes also must be protected, for this in the salon you will be given special glasses. If you wear contact lenses, they are better off before you tan.

To protect your skin from UV rays, you must use a special cream for tanning. To be in the booth you need in a bra or stick on nipples stickers — stikine that are made especially for areas on the body.

Tanned body looks very attractive, especially if you pick the right color clothes. Perfectly highlights the tan, white clothes and wear bright colors — pink or light green. You can buy a summer white suit. This year will be in fashion knitted swimsuits that can bind itself or buy in the store. Knitted baby shoes that can be worn at home, will be a great accessory for your child. You can also make your own, by selecting a suitable scheme in the Internet.

Tanning you need without makeup and jewelry, so go to the Solarium without a make-up and jewelry. There is one plus — you will not lose your jewelry, so as not forget them in the salon.

Another rule for going to the Solarium is not allowed to use perfumes.

Follow these simple rules and your going to the tanning salon will not bring any harm to your health.

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