How to remove extra pounds from your waist

Gain weight in the upper body, and hip and legs remain slender? Find out how to obtain perfect figure, because the pounds in the abdomen can melt with great difficulty.

Как убрать лишние килограммы с талии

Animal passion

The fat that accumulates around the waistline, called abdominal or visceral. And if full hips or buttocks not have any negative impact on health, voluminous stomach is dangerous. The fact is that abdominal fat is beneath the skin, and tightly surrounds the internal organs, disrupting their work. The man quickly gets tired, feels heavy and tired. Accumulation in upper body lead to increased levels of female hormones.

So the famous beer belly the stronger sex is not a sign of masculinity, and the signal that it is time to take action. All who have a waist size grows, get together with the pounds a whole bunch of ailments: increased blood pressure and blood sugar, high cholesterol. Increases the risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Nerve cells

Studies have shown that the accumulation of visceral fat affect the nervous system and sleep quality. People sleeping seven hours, have less abdominal fat than those who sleep five or fewer hours or eight or more. The nervous atmosphere at home or work also can significantly affect the waist size. Cortisol, the adrenal hormone, regularly enters the blood during stress and contributes to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity. Besides, when in stress, people eat more, giving preference to fat and sweet food.

Family photos

The figure of «Apple» is inherited. Feel that waist began to grow? We look forward to parents, grandparents and other relatives: if they tend to be overweight, then you are in the risk zone. And that means we need to take action: to move, to make adjustments in the power supply system. Your main enemies — fast food, chips, beer, sweets.

There are effective ways to change the approach to purchasing products. Imagine being able to buy in the shop is your great-great-grandmother in the early twentieth century. Flour, eggs, meat, fish, cereals, oil, vegetables, nuts. Buy all the same. The menu should consist of simple raw foods, cooked at home. This will help gradually get rid of internal fat.

Power approach

Physical activity affects the getting rid of abdominal fat even more than diet. This is medical statistics. But be patient: from the first loads will fade subcutaneous fat, and only then the body will turn to deep reserves. Therefore it is necessary to divide the task into two steps: to get stronger and lose a little weight and then build muscles, because the developed muscles use energy even at rest. The first step is just to force yourself to keep moving: to walk the extra stop, to refuse from Elevator, walk. Help fitness bracelet, vibration every half hour he would be reminded that you need to get up and move. The type of loading is not important, important is its regularity. After about a month you will be ready to go to the gym. The coach will help you choose exercises to activate the burning of internal fat. The body will need about two months to get in the mode of increased metabolism. After that, the hateful kilograms and the volume will start to dwindle.

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