Why do gas liquid

In the modern world economic relations companies often seek to minimize costs on all the processes associated with the production, storage, transportation of a particular product. Is no exception products and gas.

Зачем газ делают жидким

Natural gas is a mineral, which is mined through wells. On-site natural gas fields have a large number of these wells to ensure a steady drop in reservoir pressure in the field. The ultimate delivery point of gas produced are different factories, plants, companies, thermal power stations, the gas stations of the city.

Thousands of scientists in different laboratories spend a huge amount of experiments, process engineers at plants and factories, following the clear rules and regulations, scratching their heads when searching for the most beneficial ways of communicating to the final consumer of gas matter in a gaseous state, which is desperately poorly to treatment and especially transportation.

Today natural gas has learned to transport in eigendom. As the gas has no color, no smell, to prevent it from escaping, and as a result, human poisoning or fire areas, it adds different odorants, i.e. chemicals that have an unpleasant smell to humans.

  • Clean liquefied natural gas does not burn and cannot self-ignite. But as a result of evaporation and contact with fire this property is resumed. In order to begin to use it, the gas needs to be heated again.

How gas make liquid

To simplify the movement, storage, use gas szhizhajut. The whole process takes place in special liquefaction regasification terminals. Liquefied natural gas is absolutely colourless fluid, devoid of smell.

  • After the transition from gaseous state to liquid, its volume is reduced six hundred times.

The process consists of successive compression and cooling, which continues until until liquefaction occurs. It should be noted that this process is very energy intensive. To reduce energy use potential energy of gas and natural cooling.

Gas storage is carried out in specialized tanks called criocerinae. And transportation is carried out on ships and vehicles. The final route takes place through pipelines.

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