What is called peripheral vision

What distinguishes carnivores from the herbivores of the victims from the hunters, of course, is peripheral vision. Conventional direct vision gives you the chance to see the production in great detail, while it is peripheral vision provides information about the dangers from other parties.

Какое зрение называют перефирическим

What able to see people, not directing a steady gaze on the object, the surrounding space, which we realize is not clear, however, is quite able to read, and is called peripheral vision.

His angle, as a rule, does not exceed 180 degrees horizontally and 130 degrees vertically. This property of the human eye is explained by the special properties of its physical structure, is helping us to navigate in the surrounding space, to coordinate their movements and move.

A strong concentration of light-sensitive cells in the main, Central part of the retina and decrease it on the sides explains the features of our color vision: normal, Central vision helps us to perceive and to perceive the diversity of the world, while peripheral vision is less sensitive and able to distinguish only bright, contrasting colors.

The separation of functional responsibilities, established anciently between men and women, have played a fundamental role in the development of peripheral vision in women and men. Gentleman, which is the caste of hunters, able most clearly to obtain information about the object located in the area of Central vision. While womenare forced to do plenty of things and to simultaneously monitor the environment and children games boast excellent peripheral vision and the ability to grasp and perceive a huge number of small parts simultaneously. However, with age, both are equally prone to loss of sharpness of the notorious peripheral vision.

This kind of view is of great importance for professions such as pilot or even an athlete, for which the assessment of the environment is sometimes of vital importance. Even such a skill, as a quick reading of books, is acquired through the development of peripheral vision, which is why there is a whole range of exercises designed to strengthen the natural properties of the eye, all related to focusing attention on the Central and surrounding objects.

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