Girls and gym: destroy popular myths

With the beginning of spring, a growing number of girls are thinking about the speedy conversion of the figure in order after the winter period. Someone sits on a diet, someone has been home, some people prefer the gym.

Девушки и тренажерный зал: разрушаем популярные мифы

Gym — great assistant in the form a beautiful, harmonious and toned figure, giving her relief and drawing of the muscles. However many women afraid of exercises, thinking that will get ripped, massive body of a bodybuilder.

To avoid this, it is important to dispel the most popular and well-known myths. The most important of them says that training with weights promote rapid muscle growth. It is important to remember that serious growing muscles is achieved by breaking the muscle fibers and the growth of new, i.e. due to microtraumas in the muscle tissue. This can be achieved only by working with a very large weighing about 100 kg. If the girl came to the gym to bring the figure in order, it will be to hold classes with small or average weight. So pumped the muscles of the legs or back there’s no danger.

Besides, for quick and effective muscle growth to adherence to a balanced protein diet, and eating special products for sports nutrition — protein shakes, etc. With proper healthy eating and regular exercises can only slightly to build muscle, but not to increase them in bulk.

The important point is the drinking regime during training. So, ladies who decided to start the gym should not neglect drinking during exercise to avoid dehydration and premature fatigue. It is best to use ordinary drinking water.

The training regime is also important. Not worth doing every day, muscles need time to recover and rest. It is best to alternate classes on different muscle groups on different days. For example, one day focus on the muscles of the legs and the press, the other of the arms and back.

With the right approach to training and dieting, the gym will help you to find feminine slender and beautiful figure of the fair sex.

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