Hula hoops — the indispensable sports gear

Beautiful figure — the dream of every modern girl. Someone sitting on a diet, someone closely involved in sports, but each expects a positive result. Just in sports often involved additional equipment. Hula hoops or simple Hoop, one of the many types of sports equipment, which you can use to restore your figure. It is not necessarily only in the gym, you can play it at home, without spending a lot of time.


Hula hooping helps to restore the waist, tightens the hip, removes the stomach. It has a large number of varieties, light and heavy models, plastic and iron, with magnets and without, and each undoubtedly has had an effect.

How to use the hula hoops?

Special instructions on this point. To use the wrap in equality can both women and men. Write as many manufacturers, hula hoops restores the waist, but if you practice regularly, the effect will be and on the buttocks and on the legs, flattened back and tightened the muscles of the arms. To practice do not need a lot of space and time, special training and much effort. Before the classes required to determine the weight of the Hoop, now many people purchase hulahup with magnets, and there itself is not hard to establish its severity, and the diameter of the hoops in a modern easy to change. To twist hula-hoops definitely need on an empty stomach, otherwise you will have serious problems with digestion, which, of course, is not desirable.

The main thing in the exercise with hula-hoops, the regularity. If you twist the Hoop once a week, or reinforced to twist the whole day, few days to miss classes, and then again to load themselves with practice, the effect is more than doubtful. Thus the maximum of what you will achieve, it’s ugly and painful bruises on his sides and belly. Classes at least 20 minutes a day, preferably at the same time, in a month will produce results. If the effect is needed immediately, it is possible to twist at least three times a day, but gradually getting used to this rhythm, increasing the load every day. Hula hoops can a month to remove from 1 to 7 cm in waist. It is important that when the load on the buttocks and thighs decreases the probability of the appearance of cellulite or significantly decrease it.

Plus, Hoop a lot, and according to statistics it helps many busy girls and women to get in shape, but don’t forget that nothing will help to lose weight, if you do not want it for themselves. If you decide to play with hula hoops, you should gradually accustom your body to these loads, start at 1-2 minutes a day will suffice. When doing it is advisable to wear a thin tank top or t-shirt that will protect from bruises and hematomas.


Hooping classes are forbidden for those people who have kidney problems or some gynecological diseases. Any serious contraindications not. Someone can wrap in the cons, but it boils down to, the result will be from a regular and systematic approach. It will not help on the second day of classes, and a week later, the inches are not gone, but if you pull yourself together and seriously deal with them, the result will be pleasing to the eye.

To be beautiful and shapely, you need a lot of effort, patience and time. Someone may just not have enough free time for business or the gym, someone has no willpower for diets, and to restore the figure you need. Hula hoops allows you to do without it and to return the form. Choose a convenient option for yourself and forward to new victories on her figure!

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