What are the requirements for sports equipment

Sports equipment used in different institutions, must meet the special sanitary rules and norms. These instructions are contained in SanPiN 2.4.2.-1178-02 dated 25.11.2002.

Какие требования предъявляются к спортивному инвентарю


1. Sports equipment and equipment that is installed in outdoor or indoor places of employment, should be fully patched and properly secured. The gymnastic apparatus must be free of any backlash, the swing and deflection at the joints, and fasteners should be well screwed.

2. Football goals must be placed in the Central part of the goalkeeper’s line on the field. They must consist of two uprights connected by upper horizontal crossbar. Gates must be well secured on the football field. The distance between racks— 7,32 m; from the lower contour of the crossbar to the field surface is 2.44 m.

3. Ropes for climbing should be made of cotton or hemp fibers, the diameter of which is 35-40 mm. two bolts to Squeeze the cheeks tightly clenching the rope throughout its area. The lower end of tightly wrapped twine and the fabric or leather cover.

4. Swedish wall is securely attached to the wall, it should not be cracks and gaps. Gymnastic benches should be stable enough not to be loosened at the attachment points.

5. The basketball backboard is made from durable transparent material (usually toughened glass) and is a monolithic sports equipment. When using other materials for the manufacture of the shield it is necessary to paint in white color. The size of a basketball panel shall be 1.05 m vertically and 1.80 m horizontally. The shell is rigidly mounted to a wall or pillar so that the length of protrusion of the front line was 1.20 m

6. Basketball balls must have a spherical shape and weigh from 567 to 650 g. the Ball must be inflated so that when thrown down from a height of 1.80 m, he was Bouncing off the smooth surface 1.20-1.40 m up.

7. Volleyball poles are installed at a distance of 50 cm from the side lines and fastened in nodes. The width of the volleyball net is 1 m, its length is 9.5 m. the Height of a tension of mesh on the middle of the court shall be 2.43 m for men and 2.24 m for women. At the side lines of the grid are special antennas that exceed the height of the mesh at 80 cm volleyballs are made of soft leather and should be circular and monochromatic. Circumference of ball is 65 cm, and weigh between 270 to 280 g. the air Pressure inside the projectile shall not be more than 0,051 kg/cm3.

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