What are the criteria to choose a computer cooler

Computer cooler — cooling system that with the help of electric current rotates the screw, creating directional airflow. This flow cools the device with increased heat dissipation, preventing overheating.

По каким критериям выбрать компьютерный кулер

Types of coolers

Computer coolers a lot. They may vary in size, color, capacity, weight. Important for the processor factor is the weight of the cooler: the more it weighs, the more expensive it is, but it cools better. You can find coolers weighing up to 1.5 kg, although the weight will be sufficient to 700 G. the Color in the operation of the cooling system in General is not affected, the most significant are size and power. Power also depends on the size and manufacturer, and the size is determined, the device is cooler. The CPU cooler must be the size of 5-9 cm, the dimensions for the side exhaust 10-12 cm (the manufacturer itself determines the size).

The coolers are divided into:

  • conventional components;
  • for madinga.

The usual components of the cooling system with a standard, factory appearance, with little power, due to this high demand. They are sold together with the system unit. If desired, you can add a few more coolers. They can be found in the respective stores.

Madingue coolers

These coolers are described as improvement, modification. When compared with the standard, the coolers for modinha much more powerful. Another difference, this is a nice look that can please the eye. Some are equipped with illumination, whereby the computer will become even more attractive. Although their popularity is not due to the backlight and high power.

Power of coolers and their endurance

The main parameters in power coolers are the voltage and the number of revolutions per second. Coolers factory equipment, on average, absorb a current from 8 to 24 volts. But modingoane coolers are a better indicator: power absorption current, they have from 8 to 64 volts. This means that if madingly cooler has a large capacity, and the number of revolutions per second increases as well.

Let’s compare. Imagine that two video cards put different coolers. Before you start working, your GPU should score operating temperature (65 degrees). And that video card with a standard cooler, warmed up to operating temperature in just fifteen seconds, starts to work. While the computer game is not running (quiet mode), the temperature of the graphics card remains at the same level and not increasing. After starting the game the video card is instantly heated to 75 degrees.

For game mode is normal. But after some time the temperature again increases by a few degrees, a little later on another jump. In such situations, the video card requires a more powerful cooling system to cool the video card, to stabilize the temperature. With factory coolers basically can’t cope. The problem of low power, it is not enough to lower the temperature of the video card, which in the future it is malfunctioning. As for the coolers, the time of their normal work for about six hours. After this time the coolers are starting to heat up and not work consistently. Now in the same situation will present madingly cooler.

You can see that this cooler is doing much better, and the period of work madirovalo cooler in game mode can reach up to 32 hours. In quiet mode, the cooler freely works without a hitch for three days.

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