What is BIOS and why is it needed?

If you think that’s a terrible word for something incredibly complicated and far from you, you are wrong. BIOS (BIOS) in each computer and without it you wouldn’t be able to use your PC.

Что такое BIOS (БИОС) и зачем он нужен?

The BIOS was facing every computer user, but not all were aware that they had seen and used it. Remember, when you turn on your computer or laptop, in the beginning of this process you see the screen below which says something like «press Del (or F2) to enter BIOS». If the user presses specified in the hint button opens the management interface the computer’s hardware.

The word translates to English as BIOS basic input/output system «basic system I / o»). BIOS as the computer software is in a separate chip installed on the motherboard. This chip if necessary, you can reprogram (reflash the BIOS), but if it makes people inept, unaware or do it incorrectly, the computer will be impossible to use. But a bad configuration made in the management interface BIOS, you can often reset, restoring the factory (default).

Что такое BIOS (БИОС) и зачем он нужен?

Why do we need BIOS:

1. When the computer boots it checks the main equipment and its performance. If «fired», for example, RAM, processor, or otherwise necessary for the operation of a PC device, BIOS will alarm special sound (for each component of the set of signals will be different).

2. BIOS loads the bootloader which in turn loads the OS.

3. The BIOS allows the OS to communicate with peripheral equipment.

4. The BIOS allows you to customize many of the hardware components, monitor their status, operating parameters. Made there are saved as the user settings, for example date and time, allows you to enable or disable the built-in motherboard hardware, such as sound or network card.

Helpful hint: if you want to know about your PC or laptop more, look for information about your version of the BIOS, see what settings it allows you to do, what signals will be issued in the event of a malfunction of equipment.

By the way, some BIOSes allow you to manage not only the keyboard but also using the mouse.

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