What not to buy with a laptop?

The purchase of a laptop today comes at a cost, which for most families will be quite significant. But sellers in stores equipment not considered this fact and are trying to sell with a laptop a lot of unnecessary ordinary user. Not worth buying a laptop as it may impose sales consultants?

Что не стоит покупать с ноутбуком?

It is not necessary to buy with a laptop?

1. Windows. If you purchase a laptop without an operating system, do not agree to pay for the disk with the system. The optimal solution — ask friends or a competent master be installed on a new PC operating system free Linux (such as Ubuntu are widely known). The usual «Windows» in it, but it will be more and more stable.

2. Antivirus. Without a paid antivirus, you can also do, especially if you run the preceding paragraph. Another way — using free SOFTWARE.

3. MS Office. It’s also not a very good buy, especially as one of the latest tricks of the developer company — sale of a yearly subscription, that is, upon expiration of the paid period of paid subscription you will have to renew. Install better free office Suite, which I described earlier.

4. Other paid FOR, if you don’t need to work and there are no free analogues.

5. The cooling supply. So the laptop does not overheat, just put it on the table, and periodically vacuuming the room.

What exactly don’t need to buy the laptop?

1. The uninterruptible power supply. This device is recommended for purchase to the stationary PC to be able to safely shut down the computer, if suddenly the power went out. The laptop has a battery that gives this opportunity.

2. Column. The laptop already has built-in speakers. But headphones you should buy, to be able to listen to music and watch movies without disturbing others. However, don’t need to buy expensive headphones because the built-in sound card in most laptops does not create a superior quality audio.

3. Many gadgets connected to the PC via USB. All these bulbs, ashtrays, mini-fridges or mini-heaters for beverages, vacuum cleaners and other toys for adults do not provide enough power for effective work. Find and read detailed specifications of each item to understand that most of them were frankly useless. Moreover, many gadgets connected to the USB ports on the PC, can create too much load on the motherboard of the computer.

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