Gonorrhea in women: first symptoms and treatment

Infectious diseases, sexually transmitted infections – the scourge of our time. Often men and women blithely treat their partners, and then bitterly repent. How does gonorrhea in women? The symptoms are hardly noticeable, and the running condition to be treated is extremely difficult. For the fair sex is a very dangerous disease. It causes the ingress and spreading throughout the body pathogenic bacteria gonococcus. The disease leads to uterine inflammatory processes, which become a cause of infertility and difficult childbirth.

Discharge with an unpleasant smell, with purulent, yellow, greenish tints.

  • Pain during intercourse and urination.
  • Pulling pain in groin, lower back pain, not associated with menstruation.
  • of stomatitis, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the lymph nodes, fever.


    diabetes, ischemia) due to which these or other drugs is contraindicated for use. On set of smear results, and General analyses produced complex therapy:

    • a blood test will tell about the intensity of inflammatory processes in the body;
    • blood biochemistry reflects the state of the internal organs, the presence of chronic diseases;
    • Cytology and biochemistry of the urine indicates how far the inflammatory processes and how they affected the urinary and related systems.

    symptoms of gonorrhea. If you suspect poisoning, do the tests. The doctor appointed by the antibiotic treatment, the course is 1-2 days for acute and for chronic 5-7. Learn from the video why an effective cure of gonorrhea is considered Bitsillin 5. You’ll see why in the course of treatment for the patient being monitored, how his body reacts to the drug. If a positive result is no, then the antibiotic is changed.

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