Saline solution for inhalation with Berodual and Lasolvan for cough children

Annual problem cold time of the year – the constant runny nose – spares neither adult nor child. Common remedy sudden troubles is aerosol therapy. Breathe over the potatoes or pairs of herbs – not the best ways, as is commonly believed. Much more efficient to use a saline solution for nebulizer, mixing it with different medicines. In its essence it is common salt, diluted with water in certain proportions. It is easy to cook by yourself or buy in the pharmacy.


How to use saline sodium chloride solution for inhalation

A great remedy for cold and cough relieves attacks of asthma. Remove the solution and painful conditions in diseases of the lungs, sore throat. A lot of problems easily cope therapy nebulizer. Bought at the pharmacy the coveted bottle of saline solution dosage of 200/400 ml, do not rush to inject the drug. To begin, pre-heat it to room temperature. After 2-3 ml of drug is mixed with and added to a compression inhaler. The daily number of sessions is 4-5 times the duration to 7 minutes.

Dosage of saline solution

Before using the nebulizer, you need to know exactly how much saline is needed for inhalation. Dosage for different age categories and the drugs used may be fundamentally different. After the session, the device and the mask were washed and dried. It should be noted that the sodium chloride solution with steam therapy is not effective.

The proportions with Lasolvan

Prompt, how to prepare the saline solution, instructions for inhalation:

  • To 6 years of age prescribed aerosol therapy with a mixture of 2 ml of drug and solution. Is 1-2 sessions per day.
  • Everyone who is over that age, the proportions administered in the range of 2-3 ml components. The frequency is the same as for kids.


With Ambrobene

  • in children up to 2 years therapy is performed under medical supervision with the dosage of 1 ml solution 1 ml of medication;
  • to 6 years doing a mixture of 2 ml of each component;
  • for older children and adults in the unit pour 3 ml of solution and medication.

How to breed Ambrohexal with saline

  • kids under 5 years divorce 15-30 mg and mortar: daily frequency of sessions 1-2 times;
  • for all other dosage increased to 45 mg of each drug substance. Daily frequency – 1-2 times.

With Berodual

  • kids up to 6 years recommended 0.1 ml on 1 kg of mass, but not more than 1.5 ml; in medicine, a solution to a total volume of 3 ml;
  • for ages 6-12 years, 0.5-2 ml diluted solution to a final dose of 3-4 ml;
  • everyone who is over 12 years old, the essence prepared from 1-2. 5 ml Berodual plus a solution of 1,5-2 ml.

As inhalations with saline

Before conducting therapy, remember that during pregnancy many medications contraindicated. Carefully read the attached instructions. Other rules:

  • if you do not want to risk, better to use the solution without additives;
  • for children under 6 years due to their restlessness, the therapy sessions should be under the supervision;
  • child up to 2 years a session is held under the supervision of a physician;
  • before you start procedure to preheat the solution;
  • you shouldn’t make the sessions an hour before meals and after meals.

When you cough

As correctly performed inhalations with saline solution for dry cough:

  • Up to 2 years dose of 1-2 ml. Frequency of sessions 1-2 times a day. Duration – up to 3 minutes. Duration of therapy 5-7 days.
  • To 6 years the dosage is 2-3 ml. Frequency of sessions 1-3 times per day. Duration – up to 3 minutes. The duration of aerosol treatment – 5-7 days.
  • After 6 years the dosage is 2-3 ml. Frequency of sessions 1-4 times per day. Duration – 5-10 minutes. Duration of therapy is 5-7 days.

When cold

The problem of sinusitis with success treated by aerosol therapy via nebulizer. How many days inhalations with saline with a cold? Adult sessions are held 3-5 times a day until relieved. If subsequently began to stand out snot colors or yellow purulent hue, contact your doctor for further diagnosis. Inhalations with saline solution during pregnancy safe, so feel free to use them.

How to replace saline

A saline solution of sodium chloride for inhalation of easy to prepare with your own hands. Take 1 tsp of common salt and dissolve in a liter of boiled water. The solution should be used during the day, but shall be deposited in the cold. The disadvantage of this fluid, in the absence of sterile conditions there is a risk of contact with harmful microorganisms on the mucous membranes when carrying out aerosol therapy. It is easier to buy the solution at any pharmacy: the price is low (about 50 rubles for 200 ml), and the risk is much less.


Video: how to make a saline solution for inhalation for nebulizer

Aerosol therapy is carried out using a compression inhaler. If you don’t know how to do inhalations with saline in the nebulizer, do not worry! Watch the video: it describes the procedure for dilution of the medication in the right dosage. After the flask, connect the apparatus to the special silicone hose. Then put the mask on the face. Breathe through your mouth and out through your nose.


Darin, 33 years: I can tell you as a mom – inhalation of saline to children with cough effective means! The child on the next day’s breathing was left wheezing. I was mixed with Lasolvan. Allowed to breathe the boy in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime. On day 3 the cough began to subside. I was incredibly happy, as the child comes from attacks. All mums advise!

Valery, 35 years: I am very prone to colds, so the compression inhaler bought as soon as I heard about his appearance. Cool thing! Saline prigotavlivaya himself. Only a week – and I’m fit as a fiddle, and the common cold no trace remains. If suddenly overcome by a coughing, then the solution is mixed with Ambrobene. On day 3 it gets easier, but I continue treatments.

Maria, 25 years: My son is allergic, so for colds doctors prescribe him breathing into the nebulizer with saline. These sessions of aerosol therapy quickly removed the cough and snot on the baby. She also often use this recipe, husband too is not far behind. My conclusion: an easy, effective and cheap way. I recommend to everyone regardless of age!

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