Treatment of festering sore throats in children and adults in the home quickly

The main manifestation of this dangerous disease is the development of acute inflammatory processes in the tissues of the parenchyma of the tonsils. The causative agents of tonsillitis (Streptococcus, pneumococcus) enter the body by droplet infection and spread rapidly. Properly planned and well applied treatment of purulent angina medicines and/or folk remedies has a high chance of victory over the disease in the early stages. Adopt recommendations for combating tonsillitis from this article, and will be able to rebuff the relentless infection.


How to treat a festering sore throat

At the moment the mankind has known many methods of treating tonsillitis. Each of them aims to eliminate inflammation and cleanse the body from infection. To defeat purulent tonsillitis used means of preventing the spread of the virus and stimulates immune system. All methods for the treatment of tonsillitis can be divided into two categories: traditional and folk. Learn more about each of them read the rest of this post.



Diagnosing purulent tonsillitis, doctors immediately prescribe a course of antibiotics for a speedy recovery from the infection. Drugs are prescribed taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism of each patient. Typically the choice of doctors stopped on tablets. In some cases, appoint intramuscular injections. Below is a list of drugs that proved to be the best in the suppression of acute tonsillitis:

  1. «Dentists». A natural antibiotic belonging to the group of penicillin. The effect of the drug is aimed at the violation of the synthesis of peptidoglycan – the base element of cellular walls organisms-pathogens. Dentists provides antibacterial and bactericidal effect, thereby blocking the process of infection.
  2. «Clarithromycin». Identify than to cure the festering sore throat in an adult with an Allergy to penicillin, doctors prescribe this remedy. Semi-synthetic drug has high bioavailability and stability impacts in terms of the disturbed acidity. Patients receiving clarithromycin against purulent angina, it is necessary to comply with bed rest.
  3. «Bioparoks». Inhaled antibiotic that has a local impact. Widely used for the treatment of infectious diseases affecting the respiratory tract. Passing through the throat, the particles of the drug to destroy bacteria virus and provide anti-inflammatory effect. By applying the «Bioparox», you will not be able to eliminate the root of the disease, but get rid of the pain in the mouth and prevent the occurrence of complications.



Folk remedies

Traditional medicine will tell you how to cure the festering sore throat at home without antibiotics and injections. Simple grandma’s recipes will help you bring the infection and stop inflammation. If you want to know how to treat a festering sore throat at home, examine the list of effective natural remedies below:

  • Tincture of roots Televisa. An effective remedy for inflammation of the tonsils and loss of voice. Applying it, you will be able to get rid of the unbearable pain. Take 50 grams of root Televisa, pour 500 ml of vodka, let steep for three days. Dial means in portions of 2-3 grams and pour into the throat so that the liquid covers both tonsils. By doing this, try a little cough. Water is not necessary, otherwise the therapeutic effect will dissipate. In addition, it is not recommended to talk for several hours after the procedure.
  • Inhalations with propolis. Proven folk remedy from angina. To prepare it, you will need tincture of propolis and a liter of boiling water. Connect the components in a wide metal container, cover yourself with a towel. Deeply breathe the fumes for two to three minutes. To the useful minerals contained in the propolis, generated the desired effect, with each breath hold the air for 2 seconds. Make inhalations every 6 hours. After two or three days sore throat will recede.
  • Rinse beet juice. Chop the raw vegetable grater. Separate the juice from the pulp through gauze. Yellow add a tablespoon of vinegar and start rinsing. Do this procedure with an interval of 2-3 hours, and the second or third day will notice significant relief.


Features of treatment of purulent tonsillitis at home

If you decide to fight off tonsillitis on their own, take note of the fact that it is not always easy. Inflammation of the tonsils is an insidious infectious disease that has serious implications. In recent times recorded the disease without fever and other obvious symptoms purulent tonsillitis. The lack of clear manifestations of a difficult diagnosis, so you must realize how risky it can be self-medication. To protect yourself from regrettable errors note the main features of the treatment of septic sore throat among different categories of people.


In children

If you have specific suspicions that the baby was ill purulent tonsillitis, protect him from society and provide bed rest. The child will not be able to accurately describe all my feelings, so you have every hour to measure his temperature. If the thermometer will exceed 37.5°C and antipyretics will not help her to knock down, have to be hospitalized immediately. Until then, unless there is a sharp need for this, do folk remedies gargle and inhalation. The body fought off the infection, give your child the vitamins and immunomodulators.


In adults

The body of a Mature man can have a serious counteraction to infection, so urgent hospitalization before temporarily think is not worth it. If you’ve already had a sore throat and you went to see the doctor, try to remember which antibiotic was prescribed. Use it to fight the infection, but do not forget about additional treatments using folk remedies. In addition, it is necessary 3-4 times a day to measure the temperature. If the column of mercury will not exceed 37.5°C means that the body is fighting, so you should refrain from antipyretics.


During pregnancy

A woman who carries in her womb the child, must carefully monitor their condition, so as not to miss the first stage of purulent tonsillitis. Otherwise, you have to take antibiotics, which can seriously harm your child. If an infectious disease will be strengthened in the body, there will be only one version of events – hospitalization. A pregnant woman who noticed the first signs of inflammation of the tonsils should quickly learn how to quickly cure the festering sore throat. This will help folk remedies, vitamins and immunomodulators.


Video: how to treat a festering sore throat in a child

The following video will tell you about the main ways of dealing with tonsillitis in young children. In the video there are photos that demonstrate how to look inflamed tonsils, and other images to help diagnose purulent angina. Treatment of acute inflammation of the tonsils the child at home is an easy task. After watching this video, you will see for yourself.


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