How to remove swelling of the nasal mucosa of the child folk remedies

Villi the inner part of the nose protects the body from getting many infections, so they do not get to important organs. If there was inflammation, to help the needy in the place will flow a lot of blood «defensive army». This leads to swelling and sinus. Understand how to remove swelling of the mucous surface of the nose, to reduce inflammation and relieve your breathing. To apply any method should be strictly based on the cause of the swelling.


Treatment of edema of the nasal mucosa

Choosing a method how to reduce swelling of the mucous surface of the nose, take into account primarily the cause of the development of inflammation. When the congestion is more marked? This is the most common symptom of viral infections. Than to remove edema of mucous membrane of the nose with a cold? Here is a set of activities to completely eliminate the congestion:

  1. Spend the course of 5 to 7 days of instillation of vasoconstrictors, using «Nazivin», «Tizin», «ksimelin» or «Otrivin».
  2. Try drops with antibiotics or antiseptics, for example, «Polidexa», «Miramistin», «Bioparox», «Azofra».
  3. Buy at the pharmacy drugs «Aqualor» or «saline» with the addition of sea water. Rinse their nose.
  4. Before bedtime take a hot foot bath.
  5. Do inhalations with essential maslel or mineral water.
  6. Massage into the skin around the nose ointment plant-based, for example, «Pinosol», «Mamina».


Folk remedies from the common cold and nasal congestion

More gentle ways to restore the mucosa of the nose, become traditional medicines. They are not suitable in neglected cases. If the process took more severe form, it is better to consult a doctor. Before choosing how to remove nasal congestion without antibiotics and vasoconstrictor, try one of these recipes:


  1. Lavage of the nasal sinuses. Take 1 tsp sea salt, over-the-counter, and fill it with 0.5 liters of slightly cooled boiled water. Try to pour the solution into one nostril so that he went out after the other so you will be able to break through the congestion.
  2. Inhalation. Bring to a boil polystyle water. Drip the oil of cedar, pine or fir. For 15 minutes breathe in under a towel over the steam.
  3. The onion juice. Grind grated 1 onion. The resulting mass pour a glass of boiled water and add 1 tsp of honey. After 40 minutes of infusion drip 5 drops of solution.
  4. Aloe. Use it lower leaves. Rinsing them, mince. Take squeezed through cheesecloth aloe juice and mix 1:1 with honey. Bury the vehicle up to 5 times a day in both nostrils for 3 drops.
  5. Grass. Prepare a decoction of a tablespoon of chamomile or calendula and a Cup of boiling water. Then cooled solution rinse your nose.



The easiest way to remove unpleasant symptom is a vasoconstrictor drops. Their use often goes beyond 10 days, particularly if very stuffy nose. Such a long use of prescription drugs is not recommended: they are addictive. Here is briefly what means eliminate the inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane:

  • «Naphazoline»;
  • «Xylene»;
  • «Naphazoline»;
  • «Ephedrine»;
  • «Tetrazolyl».

Drugs for stuffy nose for kids can be the following:

  • «Interferon» antiviral;
  • «Ifinal», «Allergodil» – anti-allergic drugs;
  • «Otrivin», «Nazol» – vasoconstrictor drops;
  • «Vibrozil» – immunomodulatory agent;
  • «Protargol» – antiseptic drops.


Massage of the nose

What to do if you have a stuffy nose, and no drops? Quite a pleasant massage procedure is able to quickly remove this unpleasant symptom. The technique involves massaging the 7 points on the face. Carry out massage in the following sequence:

  1. The first pair of points are in the hollows of the nose wings.
  2. The second pair is almost at the temples closer to the outer corner of the eye.
  3. The third point is the middle of the forehead slightly above the eyebrows.
  4. The fourth pair you’ll find on the earlobes.



If the swelling is caused by bacteria, the doctor prescribes antibiotics, but only in cases where the inflammation is too strong. The preparations presented in the form of tablets, suspensions or injections. Adults are often prescribed «Amoxicillin», and edema of the mucosa of the nose of the child well removes «Bioparox» – the drug of the local action. The intended length of the course and dosage of yours.


What to do if a stuffy nose

Cannot be cured by conventional means nasal congestion in children or pregnant women, because they are more susceptible to synthetic drugs. In addition, the mucosa may swell due to allergies, and pregnant women – due to changes in hormonal levels. In both cases, it is better to enlist the help of a doctor. Some tips below will help to alleviate the condition before going to the doctor.


Nasal congestion without mucus the child

If the swelling of the mucous from the nose with no discharge – this is a possible consequence of chronic diseases as sinusitis, dry air, allergies, or anatomical features of the body. This is typical for newborns – nasal congestion in infants occurs because of the still narrow nasal passages. As they grow older. Than to treat nasal congestion in children? Contact Laura, and before that, to relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa without the cold, take these steps:

  1. Limit vasoconstrictor. Use decongestant medications.
  2. Wash the child’s nose with salt solution.
  3. Make inhalation.
  4. On the temples, the bridge of the nose and feet, apply a warming ointment.
  5. Do not force your child to blow his nose.
  6. Give your baby more fluids.
  7. Don’t bury the nose of the baby breast milk.


How to remove swelling of the nasal mucosa in pregnancy

Pregnant prohibited the use of vasoconstrictor – it can cause narrowing of blood vessels in the placenta and hypoxia. Here are some recommendations to eliminate the feeling of stuffy nose:

  1. Washing salt or saline solution.
  2. Point massage.
  3. Breathing exercises – alternate breaths through each nostril, and then through the mouth.
  4. Hot foot bath.


If you have allergies

If you are sure that the swelling of the nasopharynx is allergic in nature, follow these guidelines:

  1. Protect yourself from the allergen.
  2. Flush the nose decoction of chamomile or warm water.
  3. Observe the instructions antihistamines, such as «Suprastin».
  4. Watch for yourself. If after a few hours the condition has not improved, and the swelling only increased – immediately go to the doctor.


Video: how to treat stuffy nose at home

An unpleasant symptom, does not allow normal breathing, manifested at least once in the life of any person. Disturbed sleep, dry lips due to mouth breathing, lack of oxygen causes headache – all of it prevents normal functioning. Understand, if you strongly stuffy nose what to do in your case. Useful video will help you to get rid of the constant problems, talk about methods of eliminating the symptom.


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