Which CPU is better for laptop: AMD and Intel rating

The development of modern means of content consumption (smartphones and tablets) has identified the laptop in a separate segment of mobile electronics. With his help create the materials, solve production and management problems, play games. Which processor is better for a laptop, depends on usage and the tasks. Pick up «brain» to such a portable computer with a reserve: in the future, the upgrade may not be possible or worth the extra cost to pay for the work of specialists.


Main characteristics of the processor

There are a few basic parameters by which to choose. Which processor is best for laptop with your requests, depends on the task and budget. Consider the basic characteristics:

  1. Manufacturer. In fact, the market of chips occupied by two rival firms, AMD and Intel. They take up 98% of the sales market and other manufacturers of almost nothing to oppose. The remaining 2% is divided between VIA, ASUS and Acer, but the products of these companies does not withstand minimal competition, to buy their processors are not worth it.
  2. The number of cores. The processors in laptops depends on the number, but not only. If the machine will be used as a game, with the same budget should give preference to higher frequency and not the number of cores. For solving problems of processing large video or photo priority – core, then they will work to the maximum.
  3. Connector type (socket). The chip set on the motherboard of the computer in a special place – a socket. The motherboard is not universal: if the motherboard is designed for AMD chip, it will not fit the Intel and Vice versa. Sockets within the same manufacturer also vary. When choosing make sure that the connector on the motherboard matches the CPU.
  4. Clock frequency. In fact, it is the speed of the chip – it is logical in this aspect, the desired maximum number. In the case of the laptop is not so clear: please note that overclocking involves increasing the load on the battery. The chip is rapidly heated, require refrigeration, and as a result the battery life is reduced.
  5. System bus frequency. This is the speed at which the chip «talks» to all other devices in the computer: video card, RAM, ROM and other components. Unlike a clock, system bus speed does not affect heat and battery life. The higher the number – the more efficient will be the processor.
  6. A cache memory. So as not to contact each time to make the graphics chip can store frequently used commands and data in own resources. Modern processors use three-level cache memory. The fastest first – no more than by volume of 1024 kilobytes, and up to 8 megabytes.



What distinguishes AMD from Intel

If to compare processors these manufacturers with equal technical characteristics, the differences will be in the following paragraphs:

  1. AMD is cheaper Intel is 15-20% depending on the model of the chip. The higher the performance, the more noticeable the difference.
  2. The incompatibility of sockets, i.e. one chip cannot be replaced on another.
  3. The computational performance of Intel 20-25% faster than the AMD counterparts.
  4. The power of the graphics cores in AMD chips are higher by 20-25%. This difference becomes even greater if the computer is equipped with graphics card of the same manufacturer.
  5. Intel is the leader in consumption. The figure below the processor by at least 30% than the counterpart AMD.


What type of processor is best for laptop

Best processor for laptop – one that will provide comfortable performing tasks with minimal power costs. The less it will warm up the chip, the less energy spent on cooling. The battery life of the laptop – the main difference of the device from a desktop PC. Choosing the powerful a chip, it is necessary to define tasks.


For games

The games require a huge capacity of processors. Quad-core AMD Athlone 2 with a frequency of 2800 MHz in this plan would be a better choice than 2-core Intel Core i5 because the graphics will be at a high level. If you lower the initial voltage on the chip AMD with 1.4 volts to the level of 1,2 – total electricity consumption is reduced by 30%, which makes it as economical as Intel, but better for performance. Overclocking the chip to return to the default voltage. In the preparation of the gaming laptop don’t forget to apply a good thermal paste when assembling to protect from overheating.


For home or office work

The basic tasks undertaken at home and in the office is to work with text, web surfing, photo processing, watching videos. Buy heavy duty processor in this model, the use of inappropriate. To solve such problems will be quite enough dual-core chip Intel Core i3. It will easily cope with all office applications, browsers, simple graphics editors and music players and video.


To work with demanding programs

If the laptop is a tool of the designer, is used for video editing, graphic design projects or presentations, it cannot be treated as office or home laptop. Such devices need to customer to develop the project, to make a cost estimate and show the advantages/disadvantages of certain decisions. The speed of computational processes should be maximized.

For this laptop you can only use Intel processors from the Core i5. Integrated graphics core will save not only the cost of the video card and power consumption. If the laptop will be used for video processing you should choose the Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge with the graphics card of the appropriate performance class.


The ranking of processors for laptops performance 2015-2016

At the moment AMD and Intel released chips to satisfy the demand in all segments of the market. TOP processors for laptops consists of several competing models:

  1. AMD Vishera FX – shows the largest frequency at the moment (4700 MHz). Depending on tasks running 4 or 8 cores. Designed for use in gaming PCs and laptops. High performance is ensured not only by the frequency of the processor, but also the largest market volume of Cache L2 and L3.
  2. Intel Core i7 Devil’s Canyon is designed to work with resource-intensive programs for video processing, 3D modeling, designing projects, managing complex computing processes. The increased efficiency is well marked on the battery saving.
  3. The item has been added Intel Core i7 – a Quad-core chip, designed to solve computational problems. He is capable of working with demanding programs on modeling, creation of video content, development, software testing and process management. Has the lowest power consumption among competitors in its class.


Video: how to choose a processor for your laptop

The video presents a comparison of laptop processors using specialized software. The testing is conducted in the conditions when the chip is «squeezed» maximum performance. The video will be interesting to those who is determined by the choice of the most powerful devices for your computer. The survey results illustrated in the graphs, comparative tables and diagrams. Expert commentary during the test will allow to understand the issue of choice even for beginners, will help the professional computer builders.

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