Negative test, delayed menstruation: possible causes

The main indicator of physical and mental health of women is regular menstrual cycle. Any failure indicates the presence of certain problems. First thought the fair sex, in the absence of menstruation, occurs pregnant. If the test result is obtained a negative test, delay of menstruation for more than a week, this problem should go to the gynecologist. Sometimes the symptoms accompany brown or white discharge, basal body temperature, or pulls the lower abdomen. About the reasons of occurrence of failures will be discussed in our review.


The reasons for the delay menstruation with a negative test

If a woman closely monitors her menstrual cycle, it is possible to notice the failure for her is not difficult. Even if there is no tracking, no menstruation will become visible after a few days. The first thing the girls are tested for pregnancy (if there is reason). A negative test when the delay signals that the body has happen to a hormonal imbalance.

Why not monthly, if it’s been a few days since, how they should appear? The menstrual cycle may vary or be run over. The reason for the lack of a cyclic discharge in this case is to rebuild. There is a reason to become alarmed, if the test is negative, and the critical days behind schedule exceeds one week. Those who do not control the cycle, be sure to start doing it, because it will help to identify problems in the beginning.


Because of what there can be a delay, if the woman is not pregnant:

  1. First of all, the reason for failure could be lack of ovulation. This problem is a prerequisite to infertility. The reason why your period is delayed, and the test is negative, maybe a woman’s anovulation.
  2. Stress and nervous breakdowns among the fair sex can become a serious reason why your period is delayed, if not pregnant. Stressful shocks negatively affect many systems of the human body.
  3. The problems with excess or lack of weight can also be the basis for breaking the cycle. For example, if a woman drastically lost weight or gained, it is not surprising that there is no menstruation, and the test was negative.
  4. Hormonal birth control drugs are sometimes causes cycle slips.
  5. Lactation is another reason for the emergence of such problems.
  6. Benign tumor of the pituitary gland influences hormonal state of the organism.
  7. If menstruation began very late in woman after 40 years, it could be early menopause.


How to call monthly

To menstruation come every month, there are several popular ways. For example, are used extensively for this medicinal plant, a decoction of which help uterine contraction and shedding of the endometrium. Some use parsley or dill in large quantities. It is believed that this method stimulates the emergence of menstruation for 3 days. Eating the infusion of parsley leaves in advance of the cycle will help its regulation.

Some girls are taking special medications, but it is dangerous for the endocrine system because they all contain hormones. Ascorbic acid for some women, an assistant in the stimulation of menstruation. Some combine physical activity and baths with iodine. However, before using something for yourself, it is better to visit a gynecologist.


Video: a missed period with negative pregnancy test

What to do when a negative test and your period is delayed for several days, knows not every girl. You may get sick the chest, nipples to swell, as in pregnancy. But these changes do not necessarily indicate that you have time to prepare for the appearance of the baby, because it can be PMS. What are the causes of menstrual failure, you learn from the video.

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