Ovarian cyst, symptoms and treatment of folk remedies without surgery

The beauty of a woman depends on a healthy hormonal levels, successful functioning of all body systems. A special role in the development of hormones specific cancer of the reproductive system – ovaries. Being paired organs, which Matures female reproductive cells, they are responsible for reproductive function. Having heard from the mouth of the gynecologist diagnosed an ovarian cyst, the symptoms and treatment of which are often very vague, don’t be scared. How dangerous the disease is and what are its features?


Symptoms of ovarian cysts in women

The disease is characterized by the absence of pronounced symptoms in the initial stages. To avoid the development of tumors, in some cases, lead to cancer, you should make a visit to the gynecologist as a regular procedure. The recommended intervals between preventive inspections is six months. What does the diagnosis of ovarian cyst, what are the symptoms and treatment?

Fibrosis – the disease, the difference of which is to form a capsule or cavity having a thin wall with inside semi-liquid substance. The size of benign tumors ranged from pairs to two dozen centimeters. The ovarian cyst, nor a cyst of the right ovary, accompanied by similar symptoms, which are the reason for the unplanned trip to the gynecologist:

  • unpleasant pain in the abdomen;
  • decreased sexual activity;
  • pain symptoms during sexual intercourse;
  • uterine bleeding, discharge;
  • crashing/no period.

What are the signs of ovarian cysts in women requiring immediate treatment to the doctor (call ambulance):

  1. Sudden, sharp pain in the abdomen.
  2. Nausea, severe weakness, dizziness.
  3. Bleeding not related to menstrual cycle.


Causes of

Ovarian cyst, specific symptoms and treatment which involve conservative/surgical intervention, is a common disease. The mechanism of its start remains largely a mystery to physicians and scientists. Most experts identify the following reasons for the formation of ovarian cysts:

  1. The imbalance of hormones in the body. Symptoms is fatigue, mood swings.
  2. The inflammatory processes. As a result of wrong therapy cyst of the ovary, symptoms and treatment which have a strong picture.
  3. A history of surgeries: abortion, birth by caesarean section, inappropriate examination by a gynecologist.
  4. Hypothyroidism – insufficient activity of the thyroid gland by producing hormones, and hyperthyroidism – an excess of the latter. Both options lead to chitosan.

There are cases when during the inspection detected an ovarian cyst during pregnancy. Up to 90% of them are not dangerous for moms-to-be. Any changes of the tumor the doctor controls using routine ultrasound of a pregnant woman. Based on indicators research, the specialist decides. It is possible to postpone to a later date removal of the tumor, and to assign the patient a course of conservative treatment «Utrogestan» or «Devastanam».



How to treat ovarian cyst without surgery

Retention, otherwise, a true cyst is a blockage of the ducts, through which the produce the secret of sexual glands. The flow of custoza depends on the mechanism and causes of. Most types of tumors doctors considered to be functional. They are characterized by the absence of specific symptoms. Retention by the tumors include:

  • follicular tumor;
  • endometriosis;
  • cyst of the corpus luteum (luteal);
  • pravarasena.

Options, to treat ovarian cyst, the doctor determines based on ultrasound, in some cases by laparoscopic examination. The greatest danger of serous tumors capable of malignant transformation. Hormonal treatment of ovarian cysts involves normalizing the functions of the glands of the body, «blocking» of ovulation. Definitely the complex consists of immunoepidemiology vitamins and drugs. The presence of chronic inflammation requires use of antibiotics.



Suspected cause of education doctors believe the entry of endometrial cells into the blood during menstruation. Accumulating in the area of the ovaries, they form a «bag» whose contents is the secret of sexual glands, blood and endometrium women. Main symptoms: irregular menstruation, copious menstruation, pain during intercourse. When treating drugs, most experts adhere to the schema, assigning:

  • hormonal agents that increase the level of progesterone;
  • oral contraceptives that prevent ovulation;
  • pain medicine – «Ibufen», «Paracetamol» and antispasmodics during menstruation.



Formed in the middle part of the ovary, has a tendency to increase in the abdomen. Stretched the fluid the follicle responds well to hormone therapy, is of small size. It is able to dissolve. Symptoms in the follicular form of the disease almost imperceptible. How to cure cyst on the ovary caused by the growth of the follicle:

  • with a slight growth and the size of 6 cm is used for the treatment of hormone;
  • if the tumor is degraded / not growing, expectant observation is used for up to three months.



Existing embryonic rudiments that are present in the ovaries of most women sometimes congregate in one place, becoming the cause of dermoid cysts. The tumor is oval or round in shape, which is well seen on the photo, and small – up to 7 cm in size. Treatment of the disease involves only surgery. This is due to the internal contents of the tumor, to remove which is otherwise impossible.


A cyst of a yellow body

After maturation of the ovum is formed of the yellow body, the main task of which is the production of the hormone progestogen. «Unnecessary» yellow body resolves on its own (in the absence of a process of conception). However, in some situations the cells are attached to the ovary and begin to grow. The danger is the absence of symptoms. Conservative treatment includes immunotherapy, hormonal contraceptives.


Methods of removing ovarian cysts

The significant size of the tumor, no results of conservative treatment, the probability of rupture or torsion cysts are indications for surgery. To remove it in most cases used method of laparoscopy – operations optic endoscope through a small incision of the peritoneum in the umbilical region. This method has a low probability of formation of adhesions after surgery.


Effects cysts

Ovarian cyst, symptoms and treatment of which often women are not taken seriously, often becomes the impetus for the rebirth of the tumor in malignant or provokes acute peritonitis. The diagnosis does not tolerate «disregard» relationships: the tumor without monitoring by a physician can progress, reaching a considerable size. What will happen if left untreated ovarian cyst?


The symptoms of rupture of the cyst

Most serious complication is rupture of cystic walls «of the bag» and entering content into the abdominal cavity. The result is an inflammatory process that progresses rapidly, threatening peritonitis. The distinctive symptoms ruptured ovarian cysts:

  1. Acute abdominal pain that radiates to the upper quadrant, lower back.
  2. Quick temperature rise.
  3. Intoxication: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting.
  4. Uterine bleeding.
  5. Drop in blood pressure, leading to fainting.


Torsion of ovarian cyst

Lifting weights, heavy workout, playing sports, heavy work on the plot is taboo for women with a diagnosis of «ovarian cyst» in history. These kinds of physical exertion can cause torsion of the tumor, which leads to the death of blood vessels or necrosis of the tumor. Detection of ultrasound by physicians of this option is considered as a direct indication for surgical intervention.


Video: treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies

The secrets of using herbs in the treatment of various diseases folk healers store. Wintergreen, upland uterus, dandelion is an effective means of combating tumors. Reversal of growth dynamics of ovarian tumor help medicinal decoctions on the basis of these plants. Check with your gynecologist herbal medicine, not forgetting to pass monthly examinations and ultrasound. Learn how to cure ovarian cyst at home by watching videos.


Reviews about the treatment

Raisa, 28 years: my doctor found a cyst of the left ovary in 25 years at the baseline medical examination. The tests showed that in the body there is inflammatory process. No pain symptoms are not felt. To cure inflammation of helped antibiotics. The tumor began to decrease after administration of «Logista». After four months of treatment, the control ultrasound showed no tumor no. A year later I became a mother!

Elena, 50 years: a Diagnosis of «polycystic right ovary» I put in 45 years. Went to the doctor in connection with irregular menstruation, thought that begins the climax. Hormonal therapy did not help, cyst continued to grow. I had a laparoscopic surgery, removing the tumor. No problems with women anymore. My gynecologist assured that prior to menopause are far from me, and I am very pleased.

Eugene, 32 years: six Months ago occasionally he was troubled by pain in the left abdomen. Gynecologist revealed ovarian cyst. The size was over 10 cm, but I didn’t want surgery. I was wrong: once at the cottage appeared severe abdominal pain. The terrified husband was rushed to the hospital, I had surgery, which has caused a rupture of the walls. Thanks to the doctors who saved my life.


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