The first symptoms of syphilis in women and men in the early stages

It is no coincidence that syphilis is considered among the most dangerous sexually transmitted diseases, and intentional poisoning them punishable by law. The illness can be cured, however, to identify it at early stages difficult. The situation is complicated by the fact that the first symptoms of syphilis occur almost painless and go away on their own, without medical intervention, the disease is thus strongly reinforced in the body, causing irreparable harm. What is a symptom of the disease?


The path of infection

The devastating impact of syphilis caused by Treponema pallidum action. This bacterium, being extremely active, able to spread easily from a sick person to others. The pathogen lives in any liquids contained in the body: blood, saliva, lymph, secretions of the mucous membranes. There are several ways of infection:

  • the most common is through unprotected sex with a sick partner, including oral or anal;
  • known and household way of infection – through items of General use or personal hygiene, if someone in the family is a carrier of the bacteria of syphilis;
  • during pregnancy from a mother infected with syphilis the disease is transmitted through the placenta to the baby;
  • at particular risk are health workers, medical debt contact patients: the use of disposable gloves and observance of rules of personal hygiene reduce the risk of infection to a minimum, however, the danger still exists.

The first signs of syphilis

You should not expect the first symptoms of syphilis the next day. Even if the infection occurred at the initial stage nor outward appearance, nor in inner feelings to determine it’s unreal. Syphilis for the first time will be felt when the bacterium is firmly rooted in the body and begin to multiply. Moreover, boys and girls, this label looks the same, but will be located in different parts of the body.


In the place where the bacterium entered the body, one of the first symptoms of syphilis – round shape tight sore with raised edges, or a chancre. The wound does not cause pain, covered with white fat-like bloom. Sometimes the place of occurrence of the chancre reddens and swells. The location of it depends on how committed the sexual act. The chancre can appear on the vulva, during oral sex or sharing a utensil with an infected person – the language (so symptoms of syphilis in the mouth), on the wound, which got saliva or a drop of blood of the patient.


Signs of syphilis in women do not differ from those characteristic of men. And those and others at the site of introduction of bacteria into the body, the chancre occurs. But if men ulcer often located on the genitals and is visible to the eye, while among women the inflammation often occurs on the mucous membrane of the vagina or on the cervix where to see it during the inspection can only be a specialist. If we take into account that the chancre does not cause any discomfort, the woman simply did not notice.

The incubation period of the disease

From the day of infection until the appearance of the chancre is not less 3-6 weeks. This so-called incubation period during which bacteria spread throughout the body, no symptoms of syphilis when it is not observed. To determine whether sick people in this period is unrealistic. Even according to the analysis of tissue of the chancre is not always possible to establish the correct diagnosis: the presence of Treponema pallidum in the sore is totally optional.

Stages and symptoms of the disease

The first symptoms of syphilis at an early stage all the same: the appearance of the chancre, which heals by itself without any treatment within a few days. Also possible swollen lymph nodes located closest to the site of infection. This means that the bacteria got in and started the lymph movement throughout the body. The first stage of the disease lasts 2-3 months.

In the second stage, which lasts 3-5 years, symptoms of syphilis in men does not differ from the signs in women. The disease manifests itself as follows:

  • the main character – pale rash all over body or on separate sites, including the palms and soles;
  • small (up to 38 °C) fever;
  • loss of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • General malaise, fatigue, loss of appetite;
  • headaches, aching bones and joints.

The patient is in the last, third stage of syphilis is a very ugly picture of the body covered with ulcers and wounds Gumm, cartilage is destroyed. Suffer more bone and cartilage tissue, endocrine and nervous system, the vital internal organs. The disease eating away at the person inside, is no longer a danger to others, but an accident leads to certain death. In our days meeting with the disease in last stage are very rare with the disease have learned to successfully cope medications.


Video about the symptoms and treatment of syphilis

What are the symptoms of syphilis should cause the greatest concern (although according to experts, in reality it never happens), how is the illness and what tools to use to not get infected at all, in the video posted below says the expert. His medical practice they have devoted to the fight against this disease. In addition to detailed descriptions of the first symptoms of syphilis doctors have shared an interesting information: disease in the early stages can be successfully treated with a simple antibiotic! What kind of tool is it will tell the video.

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