Tethering iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can use it as a modem via USB (3G or LTE modem), wifi (mobile hotspot) or via Bluetooth connection. In this statement, — in detail on how to enable tethering on the iPhone and use it to access the Internet in Windows 10 (same for Windows 7 and 8) or OS X.

I note that, although such is not met (in Russia, in my opinion, there is no such), but carriers can block tethering or, more precisely, the use of Internet for multiple devices (tethering). If for reasons quite unclear to activate tethering on iPhone does not work in any way, you may want to check the information about the availability of a service operator.

How to enable tethering on iPhone

To enable tethering on the iPhone, go to Settings — Cellular and make sure cellular data network is enabled (item «Mobile data»). If you disabled transmission on the cellular network, tethering will not be displayed in the settings below.

After that, click on the menu item «modem Mode» and turn it on. If at the time of start-up, you will be disconnected Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the iPhone will prompt you to enable them to be able to use it not only as a modem via USB, but via Bluetooth. Also below you can enter your password for the Wi-Fi network, distributed iPhone in the case will use it as an access point.

Use iPhone as modem in Windows

As Windows on computers and laptops is more common than OS X, start with this system. The example uses Windows 10 and iPhone 6 with iOS 9, but I think in the previous and even future versions will be little different.

The USB connection (like 3G or LTE modem)

To use iPhone as a modem via USB cable (use the native cable from the charger) in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 must be installed Apple iTunes (can be downloaded for free from the official site), otherwise the connection will not appear.

After everything is ready, and tethering on the iPhone is enabled, simply connect it via USB with the computer. If your phone’s screen will prompt you whether to trust this computer (it appears when you first connect), answer in the affirmative (otherwise, tethering will not work).

After a short time in network connections, you will have a new local area connection «Apple Mobile Device Ethernet» and Internet will work (at least should). To view the connection status by clicking the connection icon in the taskbar bottom right, right click and select «control Center network and sharing». Then on the left select «Change adapter settings» and there you will see a list of all connections.

Distribution Wi-Fi from your iPhone

If you have enabled modem mode and Wi-Fi on the iPhone is also enabled, you can use it as «router» or rather access point. To do this, simply connect to the wireless network with the name iPhone (Waseem) with a password that you can specify or view in the settings the tethering function of your phone.

Connect, usually runs without any problems and the Internet immediately becomes available on your computer or laptop (assuming that other Wi-Fi networks it also works without problems).

Tethering iPhone Bluetooth

If you want to use your phone as a modem via Bluetooth, you must first add the device (pairing) in Windows. Bluetooth, of course, must be enabled on both the iPhone and the computer or laptop. Add device in different ways:

  • Click on the Bluetooth icon in the notification area, right click and select «add a Bluetooth device».
  • Go to control panel — Devices and printers, click «add a device» at the top.
  • In Windows 10 you can also go to «Settings» — «Device» — «» Bluetooth device search will automatically begin.

After finding your iPhone, depending on the method used, click on the icon with him and hit either «Link» or «Next».

On your phone you will see a request to create a pair, select «pair». And the computer — a request for a secret code match with code on the device (while in iPhone no code will see). Click «Yes». In that order (first on iPhone, then on the computer).

After that, go into network connections Windows (press Win+R, enter ncpa.cpl and press Enter) and select Bluetooth connection (if it is not connected, otherwise you need do nothing).

In the top row, click «View Bluetooth network devices», a window will open, which displays your iPhone. Click the right mouse button and select «Connect using» — «access Point». The Internet should connect and earn.

Using iPhone as a modem on Mac OS X

In regard to connect iPhone as modem to Mac, I don’t even know what to write, here is even simpler:

  • When you use Wi-Fi simply connect to the hotspot iPhone with the password specified on the settings page of the modem on the phone (in some cases, the password may not even be required if you use the same iCloud account on Mac and iPhone).
  • When using tethering via USB and it will work automatically (assuming that tethering on the iPhone is included). If not working, go to system preferences OS X network, click the «iPhone USB» and uncheck «Disconnect if you do not need it».
  • And only need to Bluetooth steps: go to Mac system preferences, select Network, and then Bluetooth Pan. Click «Set up Bluetooth device» and locate your iPhone. Once communication between two devices, the Internet will be available.

Here, perhaps, and all. If you have any questions, ask in the comments. If the iPhone hotspot disappeared from settings, first check that you have switched on and mobile data network.

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