How to record sound from your computer

In this tutorial several ways to record the sound played on the computer using the same computer. If you have already seen way to record audio using «Stereo mix» (Stereo Mix), but he did not come, because this device is not present, I will offer additional options.

Not sure what it might need (after all, almost any music can be downloaded, if you talk about it), but the users are interested in the question of how to put on the record what you hear through your speakers or headphones. Although some situations can be assumed — for example, the need for recording a voice communication with anyone, the sound in the game and things like that. The methods described below will work in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

Use stereo mix to record sound from your computer

The standard way to record audio from computer — use a special «device» records your sound card «Stereo mix» or «Stereo Mix», which by default is usually disabled.

To enable stereo mix, right click the mouse on the speaker icon in the Windows notification area and select the menu item «Recording device».

With high probability, in the list of devices audio recording you’ll only find a microphone (or pair of microphones). Click in the blank space on the list right click and click «Show disabled devices».

If the result of this will appear in the list stereo mix (if anything like that is not there, read on and perhaps use the second method), then just right click on it and select «Enable», and once the device is on «Use default».

Now, any program to record sound using the Windows system settings, will record all sounds on your computer. This can be the standard sound Recorder in Windows (or Voice Recorder in Windows 10), as well as any third-party program, one of which will be discussed in the following example.

By the way, setting stereo mix as your default recording, you can use the Shazam app for Windows 10 and 8 (from Windows app store) to identify reproducible on the computer the song sound.

Note: for some not the standard sound card (Realtek) instead of «Stereo mix» may be another device to record sound from your computer, for example, my Sound Blaster is «What U Hear».

Record from computer without stereo mix

On some laptops and soundcards device «Stereo mixer» or missing (or rather, not implemented in the drivers) or for any reason its use is blocked by the device manufacturer. In this case, there is a method to record generated by a computer sound.

Help in this free program Audacity (which, by the way, it is convenient to record sound and in cases where the stereo mix is present).

Among the sound sources to record Audacity supports special digital interface Windows WASAPI. And when using it, without converting analog signal to digital, as in the case of stereo mixer.

To record sound from your computer using Audacity, as the source signal, select Windows WASAPI, and in the second field of the sound source (microphone, sound card and hdmi). In my test, despite the fact that the program is in Russian, the list of devices displayed in the form of hieroglyphs, had to try at random, a second device was needed. Please note that if you encounter the same problem, when setting the recording «blindly» with the microphone, the sound will still be recorded, but low and weak level. Ie if the recording quality is low, try the next device in the list.

Download Audacity free from the official site

The sound being recorded from your computer by using NVidia tools

At the time I wrote about the way to record computer screen with sound NVidia ShadowPlay (NVidia). The program allows you to record not only video games, but just video from your desktop with sound.

It also can record sound in-game, that in the case of recording from the desktop, records all sounds that are playable on computer as well as «in-game and microphone» that allows you to record once and played on the computer the sound and that is pronounced into the microphone, i.e., for example, you can record all the conversation on Skype.

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How exactly is the record I’m not technically aware, but which works and where there is no «Stereo mixer». The final file is in video format, but it is easy to extract the audio as a separate file, almost all free video Converter can convert video to mp3 or other audio files.

Read more: about using NVidia ShadowPlay to record the screen with sound.

This is the end of the article, and if something remains unclear, ask. At the same time, it would be interesting to know what you need to record sound from your computer?

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