Remove belly and flanks at home for a short period of time: effective ways

Even relatively slim people on the belly or flanks more often than usual to occur fat deposits. This issue affects both sexes. It makes very anxious about your appearance. Remove belly and flanks at home really, if you pick a comprehensive approach to the issue. If you want to improve those body parts, read how to do it.


Is it possible to remove fat from the abdomen for a short period of time

It all depends on the seriousness and the steps taken. At home strict fasting to remove the sagging of the sides with the abdomen will help instantly, however, it is likely that the weight will quickly return. In addition, they are dangerous for the stomach. Developed a simple exercise to remove belly and flanks at home. Combining them with well-selected diet, you will quickly achieve results.

Recommendations to create a «wasp» waist:

  1. Don’t worry, avoid stress. Because of this, the body stores the hormone cortisol, responsible for the growth of the abdomen, sides of body fat.
  2. Drink less alcohol, especially beer. In alcoholic beverages a lot of hormones that trigger flanks, belly fat accumulation.
  3. Eat less fat junk food. Prepare meals with vegetables red and green, they are not dangerous to the stomach or sides.
  4. Daily consume at least 2-2,5 liters of water.


The most effective ways to clean the sides and belly are the man

Surprisingly, the representatives of the stronger sex to solve this problem easier. First, you have to forget about their bad habits. Be sure to have an active lifestyle, at home exercise for stomach and sides. Another very important point is the normalization of bowel function and transition to a balanced diet. In this mode all unnecessary from the sides, belly you will be removed very quickly.


Proper nutrition

Make a diet where will be dominated by foods rich in protein. The usual amount of servings will decrease by approximately 30%. Every morning drink a glass of cold still water, Breakfast after 40 minutes. Let your menu includes roasted, braised, boiled products. Choose those vegetables that are low starch. If dined, then do not go to bed at least three to four hours.


Option weekly menu:

  1. For Breakfast, boil 2 eggs. Large eat tomato, drink natural yoghurt or unsweetened coffee. Day prepare a fruit salad, boiled beef with mushrooms. Dinner – mashed potatoes, pea soup.
  2. Breakfast vegetables boiled with a little chicken sausage, coffee. Day stew the eggplants with nuts, eat a slice of chicken breast, yogurt. In the evening eat boiled fish or beef liver, drink compote.
  3. Morning: eggplant caviar, a small pot of buckwheat porridge, juice. Day: soup of beans, a piece of salmon, grapefruit. Dinner: beets with vegetable oil, boiled eggs, juice.
  4. Breakfast: crab meat with herbs, oatmeal, tea. Lunch: chicken breast with sautéed mushrooms, herbs, tomato juice. Dinner: fruit and cheese.
  5. In the morning, eat a boiled chicken, a few eggs. Daily menu – beef with vegetables. In the evening, boil your own chicken wings, in addition take the cheese, yogurt.
  6. Breakfast: boiled fish, rice side dish, coffee. Lunch: boiled potatoes with beans. Dinner: risotto, vegetable salad, cheese, green tea.
  7. Morning: corn and boiled chicken and juice. Day: spaghetti from durum wheat, boiled fish. Evening: baked chicken breast, some fruit, juice.


A set of exercises

Exercises for stomach:

  1. Stay on the rug, lying down with his hands on his head. Raise your legs by bending your knees. Left hand drag to the right leg, tensing the belly, and Vice versa. No less than 25 times repeat.
  2. Stand straight. On the right side to shift your weight, bend your left leg, pull up to vtyanuta the stomach. So wait, alternately lifting up the right and left hands for half a minute. Do the exercise on the other leg.
  3. Download press, simultaneously lift your torso and bent legs. Try to keep the position for as long as possible. Strongly tense your stomach and do the exercise the maximum number of approaches.

For the sides:

  1. If at home, jump rope, spin a hula Hoop. This is useful for stomach, sides.
  2. Get on your knees, lean on hands, rotten back. Do 15 to 20 strong sharp Makhov each leg.
  3. Lie down on the Mat, between his knees, squeeze a small ball. Lower the legs to the floor both sides alternately. Do the exercise 30 to 35 times.


Video: how to deal with beer belly

Fat accumulation caused by excessive beer drinking is an acute problem for many men. If it is still relevant for you, check out the video about the most effective ways of tackling it. You find out which exercises are recommended to perform to remove a beer belly and flanks are at home or at the fitness club, to get acquainted with alternative methods of correction.


How to quickly remove fat from the belly and sides of a woman

Girls are often faced with similar changes in shape, especially in the postpartum period. If the problem has not spared you, it is better remember, what exercises should I do to remove belly and flanks. Exercise, combined with a steady power, even at home definitely give you the expected result. With some effort, you can at home to remove the protruding sides and belly less than a month.


The diet

Option weekly diet:

  1. Breakfast toast with yogurt. At lunch, eat cabbage salad with cucumber and sweet pepper, 150 grams of rice. Dinner: 0.1 kg of boiled chicken or beef, baked eggplant, Apple juice.
  2. Morning: low-fat cottage cheese, juice. Day: 100 g boiled meat with the same amount of rice. Evening: chopped vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, tomato juice.
  3. Breakfast: 100 g boiled Turkey breast, green tea. Dinner: boiled or steam fish – 150 g, cabbage onions, peas. Dinner: rice porridge, the big Apple.
  4. Morning eat 0.1 kg of boiled veal, drink weak coffee. In the afternoon prepare a vegetable soup with a slice of bread. In the evening, boil the rice and 150 grams of chicken.
  5. Breakfast low-fat yogurt with toast. In the afternoon, eat a couple of baked potatoes, grated carrots with sour cream low fat, 180 g of steamed fish. Have dinner salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and boiled veal.
  6. Morning: one egg, two oat biscuits and herbal tea. Day: 0.1 kg cooked Turkey, rice. Evening: chicken, steamed fruit.
  7. Breakfast: 100 g of hard cheese, toast. Lunch: vegetables, rice. Dinner: 200 g boiled beef, salad of cabbage, cucumbers.

To strengthen the result of this diet, you should continue to eat right:

  1. You eat a lot of fruits, vegetables.
  2. From fried foods, sweets, pastries will have to give.
  3. Alcohol should be excluded or limited.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids.
  5. Try to make the diet so that you lose all consumed calories.
  6. Ensure increased consumption of exercise for weight loss belly and sides. Exercise will remove all the excess and bring the figure in order.


Exercise for weight loss in a week

Effective training:

  1. Buy hula hoops – a special kind of equipment with balls on the inner side. To twist it it is necessary often, progressively increasing the time with half a minute to a quarter of an hour. To remove fat from the abdomen to the girl at home will help these exercises.
  2. With pressed to the belt by the hands lie on your back, raise the left leg first, then right, then both together. The more times perform the exercise, the better.
  3. Download the press. In the supine position, with straight or bent legs, hands close to his chest. Pull your upper body on exhalation, breathe in the air, go down. Gradually can complicate the technique of the exercise. For example, reach directly the housing and the legs. This will give the maximum stress to the stomach.
  4. Lie down, bend knees, raise and lower the pelvis, straining the stomach. Do the exercise 50 times.
  5. Get on all fours. On the exhale pull the abdomen to the spine. Inspiratory muscles relax and the maximum bend your back. If you think about how a week to remove belly fat, start training three times a day. The result will come very fast, a flat stomach will be immediately seen in the photo.


Video: how to lose weight in my stomach and sides after giving birth

Each newly-made mommy is in a hurry to get back into shape after her child was born. Remove protruding abdomen with the sides you will help the exercises that will be able to easily replicate at home. Check out the video in which the expert demonstrates exercises. After viewing it becomes clear that changes in postnatal abdomen, hips is not a cause for panic, but rather a call to action.


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