Both men raise testosterone naturally

In the frantic pace of city life a man pursuing constant stress. A huge responsibility for themselves and others family and friends often becomes an ordeal. It is no wonder that even young men experiencing problems with potency. There are many ways for men to increase testosterone from medication to folk remedies. Being aware of a problem is half the solution.


How to raise the level of testosterone in men

Signs of hormone deficiency is to increase the man voice, obese female type, the growth of mammary glands. The character develops tearfulness, softness, the nervous system becomes unstable. Elevated testosterone in men is manifested by increasing aggressiveness and the emergence of the propensity to violence. The consequences of disturbed hormonal levels dangerous for men. This leads to the development of diabetes, infertility, cancer and heart problems. To understand the problem, do a blood test. Let’s look at how to raise testosterone levels in men.


Natural ways

Often the causes of low male hormone lie in the stress that the organism experiences each day. How to increase male potency natural ways? First of all, lower your stress level. Try to move away from the source of anxiety, both physically and psychologically. If necessary, use a light sedative. Ways to increase testosterone levels in men varied. Natural lies in the normalization:


  1. Diet and diet. From now on in your diet should prevail foods that increase testosterone in men: seafood, nuts, citrus fruits, eggs, vegetables and fruit. Drink plenty of water, herbal teas. Eliminate from your menu fatty, unhealthy food.
  2. Weight. The presence of excessive fat in the male body is one of the first symptoms of a hormonal background. Discard the beer, flour, sweet. Enter into your lifestyle is healthy sporting habits.
  3. Refraining from bad habits. The use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs affect the production of testosterone.
  4. Sleep. As men increase free testosterone? Get enough sleep! At night the body spends most of the work on restoration of a hormonal background.


Drugs that increase testosterone

You lead healthy lifestyle, have balanced diet and have a good sleep, but challenges remain? It’s time to learn how to increase testosterone in men drug. Remember that all the advantages and disadvantages of these drugs are known only to the doctor. Do not self-medicate, consult a specialist. Replacement therapy prescribed by a doctor, involves taking:

  • oral drug administration («Adria», «Vitrix», «Tribulus»);
  • intramuscular injection of medicines («Omnadren, Testosterone propionate, Sustanon 250»);
  • testosterone patches (for example, «Androderm»);
  • gels with testosterone («Androgen», «Testogel»);
  • mucoadhesive means;
  • Dietary Supplements («Alikaps», «Sealex Forte», «Tectogene»).


Folk remedies

If you do not advocate taking medication, consult your alternative medicine. Herbs that increase testosterone is available in any pharmacy. Thorny rose, Golden root, ginseng root, tincture of ginseng, Acores prostrate, Polygonum multiflorum, smilax nezabudkovy – common folk remedies to increase the hormone testosterone. The preparation is simple – in a glass of hot water put 1-2 tsp. of raw materials and infuse for 20 minutes.


Table foods that increase testosterone levels in men

Name Property
Oysters, lamb, lean beef, pumpkin seeds and watermelon, peanuts, sesame seeds, liver. The products have a high content of zinc, which inhibits the transformation of male hormone into estrogen, and increase endurance, positively affects brain activity.
Cabbage all varieties, lettuce, radish, turnips. Contain diindolylmethane, which suppresses the production of estrogen and outputs the excess from the body.
Fish oil, walnuts, olive oil, cod liver, trout, salmon, mackerel, herring. Rich in fatty acids omega-3 that affect the production of testosterone. Strengthen the cardiovascular system, reduce the level of bad cholesterol.
Rosehip, paprika red, sea buckthorn, black currant, honeysuckle, kiwi. Contain large amounts of vitamin C, providing protection to the male hormone from transforming into estrogen.
Eggs, cheese, poultry. Cholesterol, which is included with these products is an excellent material for the construction of the male hormone.


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Medication lifting male hormone is often practiced by professional athletes. How to raise testosterone level normal man striving to improve their quality of life? Do not hurry to run to the pharmacy. Before men increase free testosterone, professionals suggest that you determine the cause of the decreased level of hormone in the blood. Then, if the lowering of the hormone caused by poor diet and lifestyle, it is recommended to increase it naturally.

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