Gyrosigma Mayo diet for quick weight loss menu for a week

The modern problem of extra pounds has turned from an unimportant factor in a global catastrophe – a third of the world’s population are overweight. Changing your own habits and food cravings, overweight people successfully cope with obesity. Gyrosigma super diet – a short-term power system, involving the use of food with emphasis on protein and fiber. From carbohydrates – the main sources of glucose in the body – in this system, power would have to give.


The types of scientifically based fat-burning diets

The diet is based on the principle of burning of fat by the body due to the insufficient electric revenues of carbohydrates. No supply of energy occurs through a process called ketoacidosis, a condition when the preservation of proteins is achieved by splitting fat. Prolonged ketosis is dangerous to humans, so gyrosigma menu includes small portions of useful carbohydratesand the duration of the diet is 7 days.

Fat burning way of eating refers to the number of «Carbo diets», involving a significant reduction (up to 125-200 g per day) of useful carbohydrates and a complete rejection:

  • sugar;
  • starchy vegetables;
  • bakery products;
  • sweets;
  • semi-finished products, sausage.


For men

The presence of cars, streamlined life with minimal power consumption is a nice bonus successful men. Pitfalls of a «good» life be lack of exercise and rapid weight gain. Gyrosigma low-carb, low-calorie diet is a great option to tighten sagging shape, getting rid of extra pounds. With this method of supply, the emphasis should be on:


  1. Products for fat loss: fish, cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruits.
  2. An important element of this diet, water is conducive to the excretion of ketone bodies, of toxins.
  3. Breakfast and dinner should include protein and fiber at lunch to the diet you can add carbohydrates (not more than 200 g).


Burning belly fat

Limit consumption of fast-absorbable carbohydrates will help effectively get rid of fat on belly and hips. The metabolic processes will go much faster if you include in the diet of fat-burning fruits – grapefruit, pineapple, orange. A glass of fresh juice an hour before Breakfast will start the process of fat digestion, replenish its reserves of vitamins in the body. Diet with fat burning effect in the waist area involves the use of the first dishes cooked in vegetable broth.


Menu gyrosigma diet for a week

Boiled, grilled, steam, fried dish albumen will form the basis of the diet. Eliminate any carbonated beverages from my diet, salt, alcohol. Weekly menu it is better to make considering the scheme of alternation:

  1. Omelet with vegetables, coffee. Vegetable soup, salad. Grilled fish, fresh vegetables, tea.
  2. Cheese cakes, green tea. The chicken is steamed, lentils. Salad with seafood.
  3. Yogurt, juice of half a grapefruit. Bouillon with egg and greens, porridge. Steak, veal, vegetable stew.
  4. Croutons, boiled egg, slice of ham, coffee. Fish Solyanka. Steam cutlets, vegetables.
  5. Curd dessert with berries and tea. Soup with beef, tomatoes and cabbage salad. Salmon steak with boiled vegetables.
  6. Buckwheat cakes, coffee, grapefruit juice. Grilled chicken, potatoes (3 pieces). The seafood salad.
  7. Scrambled eggs with pieces of ham and vegetables, yogurt. Onion soup, Greek salad. The pike perch on vegetables, green tea.


How to cook diet soup to burn fat

Diet with fat burning soup is one of many low – carb options of power systems. This dish can be eaten throughout the day as soon as the appetite. In addition to the ration, add vegetables, fruits, boiled meat birds. For girlsgogames onion soup you will need:

  • onions – 5 PCs.;
  • cabbage, tomatoes, celery – 500 g;
  • pepper Bulgarian – 3 perceni;
  • vegetable broth – 2 liters.

Gradual cooking process:

  1. The sliced vegetables are put in a pot.
  2. Pour the broth and bring to a boil.
  3. Spice it up natural spices.
  4. After 15 minutes the soup is ready fat burning.


Video: diet Mayo clinic – fat burning soup

Any diet involves reducing the number of calories, exclusion of certain types of products from the everyday menu. Fat burning foods are rich in fiber, protein diet gives a feeling of satiety for the whole day. Vegetable soup with onions – the know-how of the Mayo clinic – will help you lose weight up to 8 kg in 7 days. Find out what are the best practices when dieting on girlsgogames soup by watching the video.


Reviews about the weight-loss results

Albina, age 25

Bought for his birthday a cool dress and it fits like something is wrong. Girlfriends told about diet with fat burning soup and low carbohydrates. With my 56 kg wanted to throw 3 to 4, but got only 2! I was very upset. But when she tried on the dress, it turned out that the volume decreased where needed – on the sides and bottom. This is a very good way to lose weight quickly!

Irina, 40 years

Up to 30 years professionally was engaged in sports dances. Due to injury I had to change the activity. Sitting in the office behind a computer, I gained 10 kg. Coffee breaks with sweet, late dinner quietly became a habit. To lose weight decided to gyrosigma protein and vegetable diet, which I remember well from the time of sports. A week of resistance training and proper nutrition kicked off 6 kg.

Gennady, 27 years

More than a year I go to the gym to lose weight and build muscle. Came across a cool instructor who helped for six months to lose about 12 kg. was Sitting 5 weeks on a diet Karbo. Then a month supply with limiting calories to 2,000 kcal/day. Try to maintain a regular weight resistance training and a one week diet fat burning effect no more than once per season.


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