Diet for 7 days minus 7 kg: kefir, buckwheat and favorite

If your body is strong enough to move the week to a strict dietary regime, it is better to do this diet, or suffer the gastrointestinal tract. For those who do not have contraindications, this weight loss technique may be the only way to get rid of excess calories. Diet for 7 days minus 7 kg is a severe test. The one who will be able to exercise willpower and perseverance, will receive a priceless prize. This theme is full of subtle nuances, so it would be wise to investigate in more detail. Let’s do it right now!


Menu the most effective diet for a week

There are several schemes diet for 7 days minus 7 kg. Each of them shows a high effectiveness, so you can choose that scheme of weight loss, which seems more attractive. Next, we consider the most common scheme for swift recovery from the ill-fated extra pounds. If you want to know how to lose weight 7 kg in a week, definitely check them out.



This weight loss program got its name because each day dedicated to one product, you are likely to call one of their loved ones. Fast and effective diet have repeatedly proven to be harmless to the body, a fact we can count another plus in its favor. If you want to experience the method for yourself, record your diet for the week:

  1. Day 1 – drinking. Consume only liquid. In order not tormented by hunger, simmer soups. To brew a variety of teas without sugar. The more fluids the better. If you drink plain water is very cold.
  2. Day 2 – vegetable. Eat tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, onions and lettuce.
  3. 3rd day – drinking. Do everything the same as in the first day of the diet.
  4. Day 4 – fruit. Treat yourself to fruit as you want. Consume pears, apples and citrus. Particularly useful are kiwi and grapefruit. From the standpoint of nutrition they are natural fat burners.
  5. Day 5 – protein. Saturate the body proteins. Eat boiled fish, eggs, chicken and yogurt diet. The choice of dishes is wide, but do not overdo. Amount per serving should not exceed 250 grams.
  6. Day 6 – drinking. Liquid, liquid and more liquid. No food, as in the first and third day.
  7. Day 7 – balanced diet. Slowly returning from dietary diet to normal. You observe the individual menu. Eat a couple of eggs, hard-boiled, a few cups of fruit salad, a bowl of soup and a little meat.




According to many modern women, 7 day diet kefir is the most effective. Hard power design that excludes almost all foods, cleanses the body and removes the extra pounds. In addition to the kefir water and allowed the consumption of vegetables and easy lean meat in small quantities. If you intend to lose weight this way, write down a weekly menu:

  • day 1 – 1 500 ml of yogurt, 400 grams of boiled potatoes;
  • day 2 – half a liter of yogurt, 150 grams of boiled chicken meat;
  • day 3 – 1.5 liters of kefir, 110-130 g of boiled beef;
  • day 4 – 1 500 ml of yogurt, boiled fish low-fat varieties (100-120 grams);
  • day 5 – 1.5 liters of yogurt, moderate amounts of fruits/vegetables (of your choice, excluding grapes and bananas);
  • day 6 – 2 000 ml kefir;
  • day 7 (discharge) – mineral water without gases, the quantity is not limited.



Following this weight loss program, you can quickly and safely lose at least 6 pounds. In this case the body will get enough minerals and vitamins in sufficient quantities. Egg diet for 7 days had the reputation as the most effective. If you believe the reviews of women who have experienced this method on yourself, the performance is just super! Below is described an exemplary power circuit:


  1. Breakfast – a couple of boiled eggs, one grapefruit, a Cup of unsweetened green tea.
  2. Lunch – one hard boiled egg, an orange, boiled chicken fillet (150 grams).
  3. Dinner – 200 g boiled chicken, light yogurt, glass of kefir.


  1. Breakfast – two boiled eggs, freshly squeezed citrus juice (of your choice).
  2. Lunch – chicken breast (boiled/steamed) – 150 grams, a couple of oranges, egg.
  3. Dinner – two boiled eggs, a couple grapefruit, a glass of mineral water.


  1. Breakfast – drinking water with fresh lemon juice, boiled egg – 1 PC.
  2. Dinner – boiled beef (120 g), grapefruit.
  3. Dinner – a couple boiled eggs, a glass of still mineral water.


  1. Breakfast – easy scrambled a couple of eggs with herbs, cooked in a small amount of olive oil.
  2. Lunch – chicken legs boiled/stewed, lettuce, hard-boiled egg.
  3. Dinner – a couple grapefruit, a boiled egg, a glass of drinking water.


  1. Breakfast – salad of boiled carrots, grated, one boiled egg and sour cream.
  2. Lunch – fresh carrots (1 PC.), freshly squeezed juice of two oranges.
  3. Dinner – sea fish boiled or stewed (100 g), boiled chicken egg (2 pieces), non-carbonated mineral water (1 Cup).


  1. Breakfast – 150-gram serving of fat-free yogurt, half a Cup of citrus juice.
  2. Lunch – a couple of grapefruits, three boiled eggs.
  3. Dinner – sparkling mineral water in unlimited quantity.


  1. Breakfast – one small grapefruit, freshly squeezed citrus juice of your choice.
  2. Lunch – 140-160 g of boiled beef, one orange.
  3. Dinner – mineral water.



Drinking diet 7 day excludes all solid foods. To obtain the expected results during the week have to eat only liquid and nothing but it. Strict mode will allow you to cleanse the body of toxins and burn excess calories. Water diet for 7 days is suitable for those who do not have problems with excretion of fluid. This test will be incredibly difficult. Week water diet is even tougher than any mono-diet, but the end justifies the means. If you are really ready for it, send in the garbage contents of the fridge and start storing water!



High-performance diet for 7 days, the diet which is light, delicious food. Losing weight using this scheme is easy, without discomfort or damage to the body. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that dinner is not provided. In addition to dietary products you can consume water and tea/coffee/chicory without sugar in unlimited quantities. Write down a rough menu:


  1. Breakfast – 160-180 grams of boiled fish, 110-130 grams of vegetable salad.
  2. Lunch – a Cup of yogurt, a boiled egg, a couple of toasts, a boiled Turkey meat.


  1. Breakfast – boiled potatoes and carrots (2 pieces), celery (30 g), boiled beef (120-130 grams).
  2. Lunch – drinking yoghurt (200 grams), low fat cottage cheese (50 grams), dates, a portion of oatmeal.


  1. Breakfast – bread (2-3 pieces), a Cup of beef broth, a small portion of boiled chicken (200 g).
  2. Lunch – a couple of slices of rye bread, 130 grams of spinach, 150-170 grams of boiled beef, Apple, orange.


  1. Breakfast – a portion of buckwheat porridge with yogurt, some fresh tomatoes.
  2. Lunch – rice porridge (150-180 grams), a little cheese, freshly squeezed citrus juice.


  1. Breakfast – 110-130 g boiled meat, a couple of boiled eggs, fresh cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper.
  2. Lunch – green beans (80 g), boiled potatoes (2 PCs.), Apple, orange, dried apricots (3-4 pieces), a couple of walnuts.


  1. Breakfast – fish soup (200 ml), a couple of slices of fish meat (up to 70 grams), rye toast (2-3 pieces), a Cup of green tea.
  2. Lunch – portion of rice porridge, lettuce, fresh tomato, kiwi, banana, a glass of cow’s milk.


  1. Breakfast – two cups of yogurt, boiled vegetables.
  2. Lunch – water without gas.


Video: Japanese diet for 7 days

After watching this video below you will learn about highly effective Japanese diet for 7 days minus 7 kg. This weight loss program is famous for its flexibility and harmless to body. The video contains valuable expert advice that will help you get rid of the ill-fated extra pounds. Listen to them, and will be able to reach your ideal in no time!


Reviews on the diet 7 days 7 kg

Victoria, 24 years old

To lose weight quickly helped me egg diet for a week. To stay was not easy, but I rallied and managed. Dropped nearly 8 kg! In a month I plan to try drinking scheme to accurately reset all the excess, and then immediately begin to play sports. By the beginning of the summer season I want to look perfect!

Angela, 27 years old

Of all the dietary schemes that I tried was only effective Japanese weight loss technique. For 7 days, my weight decreased by 9 pounds. At first I did not believe him. While no discomfort was felt. Or hunger fainting, no diarrhea, no sleepiness. When the week was over, I switched to a balanced diet and just keep in shape.

Svetlana, 30 years

Weighed in after giving birth and realized that for the last year has gained 13 pounds. Immediately began to lose weight, because in my old clothes dimensions simply would not fit. First select a «Favorite» diet, but I don’t really helped. A month later rallied and sat in week kefir diet. The result exceeded all expectations. Of the 13 extra pounds were only 4.


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