Egg diet for 4 weeks for quick weight loss: detailed menu Maggi

Miracle way to lose weight named Maggie in honor of the inventor. This protein diet for quick weight loss starts in the body an effective mechanism for spending reserves of fat. It is forbidden to change the diet, use oils, and sauces. The 4-week egg diet prescribes in the first two weeks everyday for Breakfast 2 boiled hard-boiled eggs, half of the orange (you can use grapefruit for weight loss). Meat, fish, chicken without skin boiled or grilled. Products take only low fat.


Menu egg diet Maggie for 4 weeks

1 week:

  1. Mon: plenty to eat one kind of fruit; dinner meat.
  2. Wed: chicken dinner; eating fresh vegetable salad with lettuce, a couple of eggs, toast, orange.
  3. CP: to eat cheese with toast and tomato; dinner meat.
  4. Thu: lunch plenty of one kind of fruit; dinner is meat with lettuce.
  5. Fri: eat plenty of cooked vegetables (one kind); eating fish with lettuce, orange.
  6. Sat: lunch plenty of one kind of fruit; eating meat with leaf lettuce.
  7. Sunday: lunch chicken, steamed vegetables, tomato, orange; for dinner have the same menu.

Week 2:


  1. Mon: lunch meat with lettuce; for dinner a couple of eggs, grapefruit.
  2. W: to repeat menu mon.
  3. Wed: lunch meat with cucumbers; supper a couple of eggs, grapefruit.
  4. Thu: lunch a couple of eggs, boiled vegetables, grainy cheese; for supper a couple of eggs.
  5. Fri: lunch meat 2-3 tomatoes; supper a couple of eggs.
  6. Sat: lunch the same as that in sa, plus the grapefruit; eating fruit salad.
  7. Sunday: lunch chicken with boiled vegetables, grapefruit; for dinner have the same menu.

3 week. There are plenty and whenever you want, but within reasonable limits:

  1. PN: can fruits, excluding bananas, grapes, mango, figs.
  2. W: fresh, boiled or steamed vegetables (not potatoes).
  3. CP: the same vegetables and fruits.
  4. Thu: fish, cabbage.
  5. Fri: meat or chicken, boiled or steam the vegetables.
  6. Weekend: one type of fruit during the day.

4 week. Eat whenever you want by limiting the number:

  1. Mon: 4 slices of beef 75g or chicken, 1 can of tuna in the can, 4 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, grapefruit, toast.
  2. W: 200 g meat, 4 cucumber, 3 tomato, toast, grapefruit, Apple (pear).
  3. CP: 300 g of cooked vegetables, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomato, 1 tbsp cottage cheese, toast, grapefruit.
  4. Thu: half a chicken, a cucumber, 3 tomatoes, toast, grapefruit.
  5. Fri: 3 tomato, lettuce, a couple of eggs, a grapefruit.
  6. SB: 2 chicken Breasts, toast, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, 120 g of cottage cheese, grapefruit, kefir article.
  7. Sun: 1 can of tuna in canned, 200 grams of cooked vegetables, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomato, 1 tbsp cottage cheese, toast, grapefruit.


How much can you lose on protein diet

The egg is pure protein, you should not believe «scare stories» about high cholesterol. The body, «loaded» a large amount of protein in menu diet the egg is forced to squander the reserves of «fuel». Such power Magga eliminates the extra 10-25 kg, suitable for all ages. It should not be interrupted. If it fails start over. After completing on nutritious meals not lying down.


Reviews on thin egg-orange diet

Olga, 27 years old

Gave birth to a daughter and is beginning to recover. Egg-orange diet for a month helped me to lose weight quickly, return to your old good form. It is hard to keep yourself in the hands of all 4 weeks was hard, I wanted sweet. But was able. Yes, and there was no time to dwell on food. I have problems, I’ll try again.

Tatiana, 42 years old

After surgery lengthened. When I came across protein diet for a month, ventured to lose weight this recipe. For the sake of convenience made a table, where the pre-painted egg diet on days for 4 weeks. Kept strictly. It worked, I lost 15 kg, no longer trying to gain.

Alla, 53 years

After 40 gained weight, dreaming of losing weight. A friend suggested that there is egg and grapefruit diet for a month, started and dropped 18 kg. you Know that protein-citrus power is applied no more than once per year. A year and a half chose the grapefruit variant. Also egg diet for 4 weeks again got rid 10 kg.


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