How to make a dream what you want

In dreams we encounter the subconscious, which can tell a lot about our life and help to resolve a difficult situation. If you want to get answers to questions that in real life remain open, program your mind for a specific dream, and perhaps you will be able to reveal many secrets of his «I».

Нужный сон может помочь вам разрешить многие жизненные ситуации

You will need

  • Notepad, pen.


1. A few hours before bedtime try to relax, don’t overload yourself with unnecessary emotions and experiences, dense dinner and exercise. Take a bath and enjoy the soothing work, such as embroidery.

2. Decide in advance what you want to see in a dream. This should not be a detailed description of the plot, because dreams are based on its internal logic. Specify what intellectual or creative challenge you want to solve, and in the dream you will come to the rescue. Or, maybe you want to visit a country, go on an adventure, to see a loved one. In any case, the objective should reflect relevant and exciting situation.

3. Having a specific goal multiple times will rotate it in my head, and then write down on a piece of paper.

4. Now you need to tune in to remembering the dream. To do this, put a Notepad and pen near your bed, after waking up immediately to fix everything you have seen in your sleep. By this gesture you are expressing a serious and respectful attitude to their dreams, and this increases the chance that they will treat you the same way.

5. Program yourself to Wake up immediately after you will dream your own dream. The fact is that during the night we can see up to five dreams, and is usually the last. So give yourself internal setting to Wake up immediately after the desired sleep over.

6. Learn to be in the border States that accompany us before and after sleep. Do not fall asleep immediately, as soon as your head hit the pillow, and don’t jump out of bed immediately after waking up. Boundary between dream and reality is a sort of cleft in the worlds, where we can get important information.

7. During sleep when you are in this boundary condition, represent to the smallest details of the painting you want to see in a dream. Use all your imagination and fantasy. After a few minutes you gently and quietly go to the land of dreams.

8. Waking up, do not hurry to return to reality and try to cling to the remnants of the fantastic images that have not fully evaporated from your consciousness. Remember, that was up to them, scroll saw and remember.

9. When sleep leaves you and you realize that fully awoke, getting out of bed, write down everything that managed to memorize, but also something that POPs up in your memory during fixation of sleep.

10. If you deliberate approach to programming yourself for a specific dream, you will meet the description of the dream is exactly what you wanted to see. But training oneself in this way daily, you will achieve great results, and then the dreams will become your best helpers and allies in real life.

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