How to pleasure a girl

There are many opinions that the woman is a big mystery, and to understand how she thinks and what she wants is impossible. But to give pleasure to your woman you can, not solving its mysteries. You only need to join into a game and be ready to dip it into the whirlpools of sensual pleasure.

Если сумеете доставить своей женщине удовольствие, она станет для вас еще более привлекательна


1. Touch it. Do it as if by chance, casually, but your touch must be very telling. They are brief, but all the fullness of the senses. For example, the girl in the kitchen cutting salad or watering flowers. Carefully go up to her and, slowly, bring the palms of the hands on the waist, descending to the stomach. Then slowly take your hands. This gesture will be enough that the woman felt heat and desire.

2. Kiss her, especially in those moments when she is not expecting it. Pay special attention to erogenous zones such as neck, back, shoulders. But your kisses don’t necessarily have to be sensual, because the pleasure is not always associated with sex. Make her laugh unexpected rumbling in the belly or a kiss on the nose.

3. Whisper to her ear. Girls love it when they are told, not so much because spoken words, as much due to the delicate breeze of your breath. And no need to say banal vulgarity or boring compliments. If you say, we don’t lose intelligence. Graceful joke or comment said sensually in your ear, will cause your girlfriend a wave of emotions, besides the game is clearly not over.

4. Give her a massage. She works at the computer, come here and slowly massage her shoulders. In the evening, when you watch a movie, pay attention to her feet. Pay attention to the hollow, which is located at the base of the thumb. The Chinese believed it was «women’s pohotovost». Take your time, remember that you want to bring his woman pleasure, all the time. Enjoy touching her skin.

5. If all your steps have led you to the bedroom, now you can go in search of the secret center of feminine pleasure – g-spot. You will approach the pose of a rider, and when you are behind and also, don’t forget about the hands.

6. RUB her body with oil, slowly masciruy every part of it, stimulating the sexual organs. Take the process, don’t go to the standard solution to the problem. The greatest pleasure is being at the edge.

7. During sex, tell me how beautiful she is, how you want it. But the biggest secret is that you really have to assume.

8. And in General, everything you do, you have to do with feeling, sincerely. This helps the transfer yourself in her place, or mental fusion with it, then you will share the joy and pleasure her in half.
Pushing their selfish needs, you will see your woman with a different, sensitive side. And the woman, full of fun, won’t forget this. Be sure, and you will expect a pleasant surprise.

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