Tip 1: How to get paint off of clothes

Paint with a high content of pigment hard return with clothes. This especially applies to enamel paints. But if the stain is not very long ago appeared on your clothes, the chance to get rid of it increases. Old stains can be hard to withdraw, even if you remove the Foundation, then the color of the paint may remain on the fabric.

Как вывести краску с одежды


1. Soak the stain with white spirit, then wipe with a cloth and thoroughly wash hands using soap. Can use petrol, kerosene or acetone indelicate for white fabrics. This method is good to output stains from fabric.

2. If you are afraid to ruin the leather thing, then use it to remove stains sunflower or olive oil. Also suitable fatty cream. After the paint speck was able to scrub, clean the thing with soapy water. And then with a clean cloth.

3. Stains from gouache and watercolor paints, remove as follows. First, thoroughly wash the item, then apply any stain remover on the stain and re-wash clothing.

4. If you splattered clothes latex paint, soak the thing in a strong solution of powder with water for 30 minutes, the water temperature should be 40-50 degrees. Wash the item on his hands and rinse thoroughly in clean water.

5. If you paint is not coming out with clothes, use the combined method. RUB the stain with gasoline, then apply stain remover and wash the item in the usual way with powder. Look at the area where the paint if left a barely noticeable mark, apply stain remover again with the subsequent washing of the product.

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