Soft toy — baby gift

In this article, we consider this gift option as a souvenir soft toy, made by your son or daughter under the strict parental guidance.

Мягкая игрушка — детский подарок

The choice of patterns

To start you will need to determine the pattern. Simply put, what kind of toy you will make. Today on the Internet you can find options of patterns for soft toys of any complexity with detailed instructions and a description of all stages of work.

Do not rush to choose something really difficult and intricate. First, in that case you will have to do the lion’s share of the work, and it will be clear to everyone. The child will remain out of work and will be annoyed. Secondly, you too may fail. Soft toy — a fairly common hobby, and in his pursuit of perfection fans of this kind of needlework made sometimes quite virtuosic works. Thirdly, because the gift is not from you and from your son or daughter, give the kid a choice.

The necessary materials

Typically, the instructions attached to the image of the toy and to the set of patterns already gives the list of materials that you will need in the process of working on the toy. Again, make a choice in favor of simplicity. Do not choose a complex for cutting the fabric that will stretch and crumble.

For simple soft toys are suitable various kinds of cotton fabrics, velvet, corduroy, denim denim. Do not forget about the decorations, various kinds of beads, buttons, special «eyes», if you will do any animated character or animal, and the like trifles.

Work on product

In the process of making crafts listen to the child, let him Express creativity. In the end, purple velvet crocodile is even funny.

Do not forget about safety, especially here it is important to monitor the needles and cutting with scissors. Will properly organize the process of making toys so that all the «dangerous» types of work performed directly by you.

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