Massage for infants at home

Many kids massage prescribed for medical reasons – to relieve tension in the muscles, align the asymmetries, reverse the effects of a birth injury. Massage is useful to all children, but not all of them like strangers. But caring mother’s hands are always free for your beloved baby. How to massage breast to the child?

Массаж для грудничка в домашних условиях


Massage has long been known for its wide curative and preventive properties. Types of massage are many, they are all aimed at improving blood circulation, strengthening muscles, removing pain and tension, as well as to the stimulation of physical and intellectual development. Therapeutic massage is done after ruling a particular diagnosis, and better leave it to the specialist.


Pediatricians recommend to start with massage at the age of 4-5 weeks. It is believed that before this time, a newborn and already have many new experiences. In addition to the first month of life the child is too sensitive to ambient temperature, and your mom once again afraid to disturb. In short, better to postpone until the second month.

  • The room should be warm, not less than 20 degrees.
  • The child should be fed 1-2 hours before massage, but not too hungry, otherwise he will rightly be capricious and demand the milk.
  • Massage can be done on the changing table or on the table, laying a thin mattress and a disposable diaper (regular diaper and rubber sheet under it).
  • It is important that both you and the child was safe.
  • The process should be like for both of you. If someone is crying, nervous or tired, it’s time to finish.
  • Don’t forget to trim your nails, remove jewellery and watches to avoid scratching the baby.
  • Hands before you can massage oil or baby cream and always need to RUB together so they become warm. Do not don’t overdo it!
  • The baby oil is better not to smear. On this score there are different opinions, but most experienced massage therapists does not recommend its use because it clogs the pores and forms a greasy film on the skin.


Nothing supernatural in baby massage and there is: all you need is a little extra pressure and stroking in the right direction in the right places. Map effort is approximately as follows: feet — legs (from the periphery to the center) — tummy – chest — hands – hands (from the periphery to the center) – rotate the stomach – shoulder — back. You can gently Pat the face, reading the poem about the eyes, mouth, nose. It is very popular with the kids.

  • Start with a light kneading of the upper part of the foot and toes — Packed with health points that are associated with all internal organs.
  • Go to the leg. The pads of the index and middle finger without straining your brush in a circular motion we pass from the foot to the buttocks. Then do the same thing with the other leg.
  • The tummy need iron in a clockwise direction, avoiding strong pressure and the right hypochondrium.
  • Chest patting in a circular motion. The area of the right breast counterclockwise and the left clockwise.
  • Palms and fingers gently kneaded and move on to hands. Move from palm to shoulder in a circular motion of the middle and index fingers.
  • After turning on your belly massage your shoulders and Pat the back of the front and back of the palms.


  • Talk to the kid, say a body part, work with them, smile, play, tell rhymes and sing songs. No mechanically performed movements!
  • Shouldn’t be forced, if the baby is crying. In this case, the massage will do more harm than good.
  • To do massage every day. The best time for such a procedure in the evening before or after bathing. The kid will get tired, rest and tight sleep. But if you and baby more comfortable in the morning or afternoon, the choice is yours.
  • If you are not confident in their abilities, you can hire a massage therapist to show you how to do massage.
  • To massage is a good fit and exercises, suitable for your baby’s age.


Ask a doctor still stands. You can announce your good intentions and take into account the opinion of an expert who is familiar with your child personally.

It is better to postpone massage if:

  • the baby’s sick,
  • baby crying,
  • skin rash, irritation.

Note. Your husband may be jealous and demand a «massage». Try to find time for him. A good relationship between mother and father affect the child even better massage.

Touch, contact with the mother is the need of each child. No one better than you will feel the change in his mood and will not understand, well he is now or not. Enjoy moments of intimacy with your child, and your love and care will affect his health and development.

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