How to protect your baby from colds and flu?

All children more or less often, but suffer from cold and flu. Until the baby at the very tender age, mom and dad are not ready for these disasters. The baby can’t even say what hurts and stuffy nose prevents him from eating and sleeping. What can you do? To try To prevent the disease.

Как уберечь грудного ребенка от простуды и гриппа?

If you have the opportunity, feed your baby breast milk. Try to maintain lactation. Mother’s milk is a miracle cure, most delicious, enjoyable and convenient medicine, increasing immunity and providing the baby with antibodies, especially if the mother was unwell. Don’t forget that when you have a fever, don’t need to separate the child from the breast.

Shopping centres, public transport, hospitals and other places with large concentrations of people rich in diversity of bacteria and viruses. Try not to go there unnecessarily. And if you really need to go shopping, stay away from those coughs and sneezes, and frequently wash your hands thoroughly after contact with doorknobs, handrails, and money. A child is better not to pull out of the stroller. So it will be at a greater distance from a possible source of the disease.

But «infection» may knock on your door. It can be guests or relatives and also the dad or older children. Always likely to pick up anything at school or at work. The guests should explain that the child cannot be contacted, and it is better not to go next time. Feel free, should be ashamed not you, but them. A dad with a son or daughter, to come then don’t ask. Here in the course are special masks (they stock up in advance, anything can happen), and keeping contact with your baby to a possible minimum. Also, be careful to clean hands and items of General use. Patients should have its own utensils.

Cleanliness and fresh air in the room is always needed and each family member. But during the illness, these requirements are particularly relevant. Going outside, open the Windows and ventilate the apartment.

Good folk remedy – garlic. Smells not very well, but discourages not only fictional vampires, but real pests of human health. We will not list all the enemies of garlic, this list is too long. Parents have to taste a couple of cloves with hot borscht, but for the baby make a garlic necklace and hang it over the crib. Also you can cut a couple of teeth and put on a plate in the room where you spend most of your time.

During cold season, you can help and timely hardening of the baby. Those parents are putting on and hide from any breeze, get sick more often uncovered and barefoot. I urge you in the cold to carry a child on the street in one diaper, but the recommendations about the temperature and the number of layers of clothing can not be ignored. And if you violate them, then undressing and not wearing an extra jacket. Long walks and bathing in lukewarm water will make your baby die hard.

Don’t forget about good mood. Smile and laughter is a great weapon against all adversity. Dress properly, akalaitis, smile and be healthy!

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