What are the main exercises with the expander for men there are

The expander is a sports equipment, which consists of two handles connected elastic bands or metal springs. One of the main features of this simulator is the flexibility. It can be used to strengthen many muscle groups, including arms, legs, shoulders and abdomen.

Какие основные упражнения с эспандером для мужчин существуют

Besides increasing muscle mass, training with chest expander will help increase the stamina of the body and rid it of excess fat. Classes with this equipment will contribute to the development of the cardiovascular system. Also it can be used to perform stretching exercises that will increase mobility and flexibility of joints.

Rules of execution

Each exercise with expanders require the determination of accurate stress, or possible injury. For those who are engaged for the first time, one approach would be 10-15 times depending on fitness.
Should be gradual and smooth increase of repetitions and approaches. If it is easy, you can add one or more tapes. But the frequency of repetition approaches and drops again to avoid any unwanted injuries.


Complexes workouts using resistance bands there are many and most of them prepared specially for each person. If you do not have the resources to do this, you should contact the coach. The specialist will be able to choose exercises that are right for you based on the age and health.
However, there are basic steps, which are the most optimal. They need a chest expander. The latter helps to increase the effectiveness of the exercises, and the first results will not keep itself waiting long.
To execute one of them should stand straight with your feet apart at shoulder width. To take the grip and stretch your arms forward. Start slowly raise them, how will the spring. After reaching maximum tension units, lock onto for 10 seconds, then return to the starting position. To be completed 3 times.
To develop the muscles of the arms and back, another perfect exercise. You must wear one handle of the expander on foot, to take another hands. The palms must look up. After a few deep breaths, begin to pull your chest. It should be performed 3 times on each leg. You can take the grip so that the palm looked inside. After you begin to lift them up to chest level. A number of approaches.
Take the initial position of the first exercise. Hands on with the bike lift up. Start to plant them in opposite directions up to the maximum stress. Hold the position for 10 seconds and return your hands back.
To strengthen the biceps will fit the following exercise. Put the expander on the right foot and grab the handle with the same hand. Begin to lift the brush until it touches the shoulder girdle. Repeat 3 times on each hand.

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