Tip 1: How to learn to do the splits at home

In order to do the splits at home, you will need only a floor and a series of simple exercises that are easy to learn, regardless of age. Older people can do the splits within two months, more young people can master this technique much earlier.

Как научиться садиться на шпагат в домашних условиях


1. First you need to warm up your muscles — otherwise you can make a pulled muscle. Warm up your muscles may even a warm bath, but better to stretch the muscles of the legs. After heating, you can begin the exercises.

2. The first and most important exercise which helps to do the splits is leg swings. It is done simply. Stand on one leg so that it fell the whole weight of the body. The second leg raise to its maximum height, what you can. It’s okay if the leg is still above the belt is not lifted, it will change. Then change legs and do the movement with straight legs and a straight spine.

3. Now for the second exercise to do the splits at home. Put foot on the table or any other surface that is flush with the belt, and draw your own slopes to the floor. Then change legs. If this exercise does not work and it will hurt – don’t worry, will next time, the most essential thing is regularity of practice.

4. Next, proceed to the third exercise that will help you to do the splits at home. In fact, try to do the splits as far as possible to the occurrence of pain. Try to sit down and transverse and longitudinal splits.

5. Doing these exercises one need in a day for thirty minutes. After two weeks of training you will see the result, which will help to achieve you goals – to do the splits at home!

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