How to choose a lipstick shade

The color of the lipstick plays an important role in creating your image. It is therefore important to learn to pick shades that accentuate the best features of your face and complement your unique style.

Как выбрать оттенок губной помады

Choosing the correct tone of lipstick need to define your color type.

Cold gamma. The «cold» women’s gray, blue or dark brown eyes, light brown, or too cold, ashy-brown hair. Olive skin, light, almost transparent. For this color type will suit light pink, red, purple, Burgundy and cerise shades.

Warm gamma. Women with warm color type blue, brown, green eyes. Hair Golden, honey or red. Leather beige or slightly brown. Such women will have to face peach, camel, beige and orange-red tones.

Helpful hint: if you have trouble determining your color type the description, then spend the next test. Wash off the makeup and look in the mirror. First bring to a face cloth orange, and then blue. If the facial skin looks more fresh on the orange background fabric, then you have a warm color type. But if on the background of blue — cold.

It is important to know when choosing shades:

1. Dark colors add age, and bright contrast, make younger.

2. For a subtle glossy lips fit lipsticks, they visually add volume. Matte shades look good only on the puffy lips, thin they are contraindicated.

3. Bright colors will look good only if your teeth white.

4. Women with round face shape should not use contour lip pencil, but with an elongated oval face, on the contrary, the eyeliner will not be superfluous.

5. In our time mother-of-pearl shades of lipstick and glitter are only appropriate at the party.

Useful tip: first, apply to lips and blend a bit of Foundation. Then the first layer of lipstick, blot it with a dry cloth. And the second, final layer. So your lips will look perfect.

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