Polyester: fabric description and properties, density and structure

Some buyers are asking yourself, what is polyester: what fabric and what properties it possesses. Material has appeared and gained popularity among consumers. It retains color and shape, easy to wash, even in cold water. Details about this unusual material, its advantages, disadvantages, composition and properties easily learn below. Check the difference between him and other synthetic fibers.

What is polyester clothing

The main thing that worries consumers is a natural fabric or synthetic. Artificial material pleasant to the touch, soft like cotton. Clothes made of this fabric needs no special care. Polyester products are easily washed, dry, well-breathable in hot weather and retain heat in the cold. Here are some facts:

  1. This material is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, keeping the original color for many years.
  2. It almost never form stable grease stains, pests also not afraid of him. This greatly prolongs polyester life to things.
  3. The ability to preserve the original appearance for many years, prompted the producers to add material into products from other fabrics for anti-static effect.
  4. The most popular option is considered to be added to a mixture of polyester cotton. In addition, it is often added to wool, viscose.


Polyester: what unusual fabric? Study the composition of the material and learn about it. Components and give it a uniqueness. In its pure form is rarely seen polyester cloth, often there is something else. For example, viscose with him combine to make durable, wear-resistant and elastic material. If you Supplement composition elastane, produces synthetic fabric for summer shirts and dresses – «micromacro». Cotton with added polyester – high quality, durable, pleasant to the body tissue. She’s long worn, easy to wash, dries instantly.


Fabric made of pure polyester, soft fabric resembling silk. The material is created of refined petroleum products (polyethers), which are synthesized once professionals in the United States. Now this is the most popular fabric, widely used. For example, compared to the similar in composition polyamide, spandex or fleece, this fiber is highly resistant to electrostatic and thermal impact, good ability to stretch.

Fabric properties

Polyester is a nonwoven material which has a high density (about 1.4 g per cm). Properties:

  1. In comparison with natural fabrics – very resistant to wear.
  2. It is extremely durable.
  3. Retains its original shape.
  4. Not zastitijada (does not fade).
  5. Resistant to UV radiation.
  6. It is easy to wash.
  7. Does not require special care.
  8. Keeps you warm in winter.
  9. Dries quickly.
  10. Not prone to damage by pests.
  11. Resistant to stains.

Clothing made of polyester

Choosing a new jacket, trousers or coat, attention should be paid not only on appearance but also on the composition. Because knowing what made a winter jacket, you can predict how the owner will feel in it. However, afraid of such components in fabrics like polyester, nylon, spandex and others, not worth it. Manufacturers of fabrics and garments have already learned to combine substances. Material is qualitative and harmless to humans, and clothes to wear is nice.

Polyester is widely used in sewing workshops as a self-suiting, lining materials or insulation for coats, jackets, pants. Often sew skirts, swimwear, underwear, shirts, t-shirts, tracksuits. Such clothing does not crumple, does not fade, does not shrink after washing, thanks to this very long serves. It is worth noting that in pure polyester bad air permeability, so it is used as a filler to other tissues.

Where the fabric is used polyester

This synthetic material is widely used not only for clothing. Often added to synthetic curtain fabrics for curtains. Meet the plaids, blankets, bed linen, waterproof rugs in the bathroom from polyester. Due to its high strength it is used as the main and lining fabric for sewing bags, backpacks, umbrellas and other accessories. The beautiful Banquet table cloths and napkins made of this material are popular among buyers in great demand, because they do not lose their shape and are resistant to dirt.

In addition, the fiber used as a filler in blankets, pillows, jackets. To contact with such things is not harmful: myth already dispelled. Do not be afraid on the subject of clothes, linen or textiles of polyester marks: because what the fabric is and what properties it has, you know. It is a versatile material that is used everywhere thanks to its qualitative characteristics.

Care polyester

Purchasing items of such material, it is important to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for care that are recorded on the labels. Special procedures were required with polyester clothing or textile items is not required. Stains are easily removed with soap solution, iron is used for this material is very rare. Dried things for a few minutes thanks to its unique composition. If you have a persistent stain, it is recommended to replace the soap solution on the stain remover.

How to wash

In hot water the material deteriorates, may form folds, which will not work smooth. How to wash 100% polyester: bright things in warm water (not above 40 degrees). You can add a special product from static electricity. If you use washing machine, choose a delicate cycle. Brighteners for polyester things is not recommended. At the end of the process the clothes shake and dry on a special hanger.

How to iron a jacket from polyester

All synthetic fabrics ignite quickly and can not tolerate high temperatures, and polyester is no exception. Things iron not often, because they hold their shape well. However, if you need to iron jacket iron, the temperature should be set minimum. Additionally used some damp cheesecloth to protect the fabric to avoid burning.

Reviews about the material

Christina, 27 years: I do not Have any jackets with no added polyester. Looks great, strengthens, there is no harm, one use!

Maria, 31 years: Ordered a tablecloth with napkins with the addition of this substance, and very happy! They look great, not only the photo but in life, easy to wash hands, dry quickly.

Olga, 21 years old: Polyester dresses are strongly electrified, stroking them from the front impossible, you may receive the glow. The only plus I see clothing that is easily washed.


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