How to care for suede shoes in winter at home right

Suede is the hardest to care for and demanding material. The same applies to similar to the nubuck and velour. How to care for suede shoes that it retains an attractive shape for a long time? Proper care ensures the exquisite appearance, cleanliness and strength to the product. Rain, sleet, snow, salt and sand affect the quality of the shoes. To maintain excellent appearance of the boots, shoes, moccasins, sneakers, boots and ballerinas, it is necessary to use the right tools and be attentive to the storage of shoes.

How to clean suede shoes at home

Stained shoes made of genuine suede is not always necessary to carry the dry cleaners – it’s easy to clean at home. Faux suede is also easy to clean with their hands. This material is used for autumn-spring (demi -) products, so we have to clean the dirt, the slush. Summer sandals, shoes, sneakers, gym shoes suffer from dust. All these contaminants is easy to remove as the purchase of special means for cleaning shoes and simple household: soap, alcohol.

Special tools for cleaning suede

How to clean suede? There is a large line of funds for the care of this easily perishable material. They include the following products:

  • cream;
  • foam;
  • spray;
  • lotion;
  • shampoo;
  • «eraser»;
  • brush;
  • impregnation.

Ideally, at least some of these funds should be in your home, because each is used for specific needs. For example, the foam can quickly lead shallow mud, to refresh the look of the Shoe before going out (especially in spring), and the cream is intended for intensive cleaning. Waterproofing spray for shoes used for protection from dangerous environmental factors. How to raise the NAP on suede shoes? Use a rubber brush. Prices on all these products is low – for a thousand rubles easily purchase a set of tools that will last for a couple of seasons.

How to care for suede shoes? Buy only high quality products for cleaning my shoes. The best manufacturers of care products for suede material:


  • Avel;
  • Salton;
  • Tarrago;
  • Collonil;
  • Salamander.


The simple but stunningly effective method of cleaning the suede material is steam. The method is very simple. He will not require anything from you except high capacity:

  1. Boil the water in a basin, pan or any other large capacity. Without weakening the fire, remove the cover.
  2. Hold the boots over the capacity of about two minutes for them to douse the steam.
  3. Just wipe them with a dry cloth or lint-free cloth. This method will allow you to easily get rid of small and minor impurities.


To wash suede this tool:

  1. Dissolve in a basin or bowl of water with alcohol in a ratio of 1 to 4.
  2. Dip a clean sponge in this mixture.
  3. Gently wipe the boots. Try not to wet the product thoroughly – suede does not like high humidity and long drying.
  4. Swipe on a material with a dry, clean sponge.
  5. Wipe the shoes dry. This method helps against stubborn dirt, or old stains.

How to care for nubuck shoes in winter

Winter boots are subjected to enhanced stress. Snow cover, sand, dirt easily ruin them. How to care for suede shoes at this time of year? The most important rule to keep – be sure to wipe and dry your boots after a walk. Sticking snow is a threat for suede and similar materials from the skin. When it melts, your shoes will get soaking wet, and at best it formed light stains from the mixture of salts and other chemicals, and at worst – it will lose shape. Don’t forget to treat the shoes with water-repellent and protective spray.

Can I wash suede shoes

Since suede is very delicate and whimsical material, to wash it is not recommended. If no washing to do (your shoes very dirty), you have to adhere to strict rules so as not to spoil the product:

  1. Try almost not to wet shoes inside. When you complete washing it is difficult to adhere to this rule, but ensure not to wet the product thoroughly. Suede responds poorly to high humidity, and for a long time to leave its not wet shoes out of shape.
  2. About machine washable and speech cannot be. Suede goods are washed only by hand. Even if you have a modern unit with a sensitive mode, is not worth the risk. Hand wash will consume much time, but the result will be pure and untainted the shoes.
  3. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Detergents will not work. To wash the shoes, it is better to use a mild soapy solution. It is easy to prepare: pour into a large container of warm water, add liquid soap until a thin foam on the surface (one push is enough). Thanks to a weak solution on the material subsequently will not remain bright streaks and spots, as this could happen with washing powder.
  4. After washing, start drying. Remember, suede, velour, nubuck and other materials on the basis of tanned leather should not be kept near the heater, battery, handle with hot hair dryer. Better wipe surface with a dry sponge or cloth and then leave to dry, scoring the paper.

How to restore suede shoes at home

If the product suede is heavily soiled, mottled or divorce, then a simple cleaning may be insufficient. How to restore the color of suede shoes? Buy a special paint for her. How to paint a boots, update, save their original appearance:

  1. Carefully choose the paint. Pay attention not only on the manufacturer and the price tag, but also on the color. It must exactly match the shade of the material, otherwise exactly paint will not work. Paint for suede shoes black is chosen tones easily, is a little harder to brown. Special care need to buy the tool for white, beige products.
  2. Before fully processing the product, test the paint in an inconspicuous area, for example, on the inner side. Paint a small piece of chamois, wait a few hours to check the color and reaction of the material.
  3. After you verify that the funds shades and shoes match, can treat the entire item. The restoration will take a long time. Take the time to patiently and carefully apply the paint so that the layers are well absorbed.

How to store

To suede and other similar materials have served you for years, you need to properly store them. Shoes on the basis of tanned skin is very sensitive to temperature, humidity, so if not properly stored it can quickly lose shape, beautiful appearance. To protect the shoes from it, follow these simple rules:

  1. High suede boots never bend or fold in half. The shoes will remind you of this ugly stripes on the ankle.
  2. Keep suede, velour, nubuck away from heating systems. You should not keep them in the sun. The best place for suede shoes in the shade, in a cool corridor.
  3. Boots, half boots, and other winter or demi-season suede shoes, nubuck or suede when you need to stuff newspaper or other filler so that it does not lose shape.
  4. When are you going to fold the shoes in the far closet until next year, be sure to fully clean and dry it.

Video: how to care for nubuck

In the video below leading in detail and clearly describes all aspects of care for suede shoes: the correct selection of tools and their use, storage, drying and cleaning. You will learn how to care for suede boots how to clean shoes made from nubuck and velour. All funds used to leading, you can purchase in a typical Russian supermarkets.


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