How to find out the finger size for ring girls at home

The ring is a wonderful and appropriate gift for any occasion. Give him not only a man of his beloved. It is also a wonderful surprise for mothers, sisters, girlfriends, brother, husband, son. The decoration was a pleasant surprise, we need to understand how to find out your finger size yourself. Nothing difficult in this, we just have to be smart and make use of the recommendations described below.

How to determine the size of the finger (step by step instructions)

Before you learn how to measure your finger size for a ring, you must consider some important points:

  1. During the day the diameter of the circumference of the finger may change. From the accumulated on time sleep at night water in the morning, the hands may become swollen. The perfect time of measurement – noon.
  2. To not have to think how to reduce the ring or slightly increase it, give up trying on the products in intense cold or heat. At high temperatures the swollen fingers, and at low be less.
  3. Is not necessary to calculate the diameter if you are very excited or upset, recently went in for sports, and during the critical days.
  4. Recommended to choose decoration a little higher value. So product will not squeeze the finger in a heat.
  5. Ring fingers of the left and right hands have different thickness, and therefore the engagement ring is chosen strictly on the diameter. Finger need thinner (0.5 mm) of the middle and index finger.
  6. If you buy the ring on entire finger, or a width of more than 8 mm, it is necessary to consider that the size of the decoration should be increased by 25%.


Measure the diameter of the ring at home

Sincethere are some proven methods how to measure the diameter of the circle independently. Examine each of them in detail. For the first method you will need a smooth thread length 50 cm the procedure is as follows:

  1. Wrap tightly (not tight) thread the right thumb five times.
  2. Then both the tip of the thread, without lifting from the base, crossed in the intersection, carefully cut them with scissors.
  3. The length of formed thread, measure with a ruler, a tape measure or a measuring tape. The obtained value is set in millimeters, divide by 15.7. This will be the desired diameter.
  4. Rounding measurements are always done in a big way, for example, 15,2 rounded to a standard size of 15.5.

For the second method, to understand how to determine your ring size at home fit the strip (1.5 cm) thin ordinary paper. Follow these instructions:

  1. Cut out of paper thin strip and wrap it around your finger.
  2. At the place of junction of the two ends of the pencil draw a mark.
  3. With a ruler measure the length of the paper strip to the mark.
  4. The resulting value (set in millimeters), divide by 3,14 calculate the diameter.

Table of conformity of sizes

Today popular to buy jewelry and jewelry not just in jewelry stores of the country, but in foreign or in Internet directories. Except Russian there is an English and American scale of measurement rings. More popular all over the world got the site online stores on Aliexpress, has a wide variety of jewelry and jewelry. No exception and Chinese become gold rings. The sizes on this site corresponds to the scale of the USA. In the picture below presents a table of international men’s and women’s sizes.

How do I know secretly

If you want to choose a ring for another person, but so that he about it was a surprise, use the following tips:

  1. Try to discreetly take your beloved a ring that she occasionally wears. This method is possible, if you have access to jewelry girls, from which it is possible to choose a desired option.
  2. Make the measurements independently. Watch when your girl will remove (at night, cooking, washing dishes) the ring is continuously. Put the product on a leaf of white paper and draw around it with a pencil or pen on the inner loop or make the imprint decoration in a piece of soap, clay, etc.
  3. Try the ring of the woman on her own finger. Mark with a marker or pen the level to which it is fitted.
  4. Will dysprosia ring size trick. For example, use the compatibility test, pre-change the issues you need.

Video how to measure your finger

To order the product online and not to miscalculate, you must know how to learn on your own finger size. If not go to a jewelry store, where the technician will make accurate measurements, use the following video. It demonstrates how to find out your finger size for rings quickly and easily. Down to the millimeter, the right indicator to calculate will not work. Remember that virtually any decoration using the jeweler may then change to the right size.


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