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Before you use any product, you should study its strengths and weaknesses. Find out more about the dried fruit: the benefits and harms of their ambiguous, so you need to understand all the pros and cons. It is easy to understand how useful dried apricots for women during pregnancy, is it permissible for the consumption of dried fruits in the diet and diabetes.

Useful properties and contraindications of dried fruits

The fruits, which are dried by special technology, called dried fruits. As a result time-consuming process, water evaporates from the fruit. Inside the product there is a high concentration of nutrients that are beneficial to the organism:

  • vitamins (a, b, PP);
  • minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, calcium, phosphorus);
  • fiber;
  • carbohydrates;
  • sugar (glucose, fructose).

In addition to the good body, eating dried fruits have some contraindications. The high content of glucose is dangerous for people who have diabetes. People with allergies should consult their physician before to use a particular product. Unlike fresh species, dried to have a greater caloric content. This is necessary to consider the people who are on a diet.


Due to the huge number of dietary fiber, this product has proven a great remedy for constipation, helping to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. Benefits of prunes for women? The high content of calcium and magnesium makes the berry an assistant in the fight against heart disease. With the stagnant processes in of the gall bladder in pregnant women can not do without healing fruits.


Dried apricots

Small orange fruit retains all the nutrients, which are rich in apricots. A few fruits a day will help to improve peristalsis. With regular use decrease heart problems, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Apricots in pregnancy will help correct the kidney function of the expectant mother, bringing excess fluid from the body.

Dried apples

A huge amount of iron – that is the main usefulness of these dried fruits. A necessary element affects the hematopoietic functions of the human body. Unlike fresh fruit, the destruction of matter is not so fast. Therefore, if stored properly, all elements will continue through the end of winter. Enriching the diet with dried apples, you protect yourself from negative environmental influences and bad environment.


With a weakened body and after a serious illness the dried fruit will help to remove fatigue, accelerate recovery, stimulate internal organs (heart, kidneys, liver, stomach). High vitamin content makes a small, inconspicuous tamarind delicious additive to improve the condition of skin, hair, vision. With increased mental workload are recommended to eat a few things per day.


Apricot fruits that have been dried with the bone, are called Uruk. The most useful dried fruits are those, which integrity of the shell was not broken. They have greater nutritional value. Decided to jerk the apricots until tender on the branches of the trees that preserves the vitamins in a concentrated form. Consumption of these fruits improves the body’s resistance to diseases, improves the work of heart muscle and gastrointestinal tract. And decreases the possibility of occurrence of oncological diseases.

Dried cherries

The nutrients, which is so rich in fresh cherry, preserved in a large quantity in the cured product. Small berries are used in the treatment of heart disease and anemia. Bactericidal properties of the pulp helps with wound healing, therapy and prevention of tumors. Eat dried fruits for weight loss. Unlike other types of dried fruits cherries low fat, so actively used in diet menus with weight reduction.


A little dried fruit contains 15% more beneficial nutrients than fresh. Dried fruit during pregnancy to improve the condition of cardiovascular system, kidney, possess a laxative effect. For colds, sore throat, inflammation of gums, a decoction of dried fruits is used as a rinse in the complex treatment. For high blood pressure eating figs relieves symptoms and normalizes heart rhythm.

The caloric content of dried fruit

Eat wisely dried fruits, their benefits and harms is high calorie with a high content of glucose, carbohydrates. If you do not want the appearance of extra pounds, you can’t have handfuls of them a day. They are less harmful than pastry, but for average energy content it is necessary to watch (kcal per 100 g):

  • fruits without seeds – 300;
  • dried fruits with the integral shell – 250;
  • apples – 200;
  • cherry – 60.

How useful compote of dried fruits

If you are bored to gnaw hard fruits, you can make a great drink. The benefits and harms of compote from dried apples, dried apricots, prunes cherries are known since Antiquity. Coming up with the best solutions to reduce the negative impact to zero. Increased amount of vitamins, minerals will allow in the winter to enrich the body with missing elements. However, if you abuse the product possible diarrhea, allergic reactions. Don’t forget about the high calorie.

Video: the harm and benefit of dried fruits for the body

What you should know for those who like dried fruit: the benefits and harms of is the intricacies of the process. How to distinguish right from fruit harmful? There are a number of features which help you distinguish the defective product from the useful. Protect your health from the negative effects of chemistry. This and simple recipes for healthful treats at home see in the video.


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