Palm olein, what it is, the benefits and harms of oil in baby food

Increasingly, reading the food label can be found in the composition of palm oil. If you think from the perspective of market relations, such a classic vegetable fats is not surprising. The use of oil reduces the cost of products, not yielding to the characteristics of the analogues. Palm olein, what is it? Disputes about the dangers and benefits Supplement last still. Will investigate this problem and find out where the truth lies.

Use palm olein

Leis Guinea – plant, cultivated in many countries with a tropical climate. What is palm oil? A substance that is extracted from the fruit of a plant, called also oil palm tree. Different technologies produce palm kernel and crude oil. First it has the characteristics of coconut. Common in food industry and cosmetology. Second, depending on the degree of processing, has 3 factions:

  1. Stearin is solid. May be contained in the spread or margarine.
  2. Oil – a substance with a lower melting point, but the same solid. Great for frying, does not fumes, smoke.
  3. Palm olein oil has a creamy consistency. Often found in baby food, candy, milk, and other products. A common phenomenon – palm olein in muesli.


The melting point of palm oil is different and ranges from 16 (olein) to 52 (stearin) degrees. The feature of this vegetable fat is the fact that the food industry uses only refined and deodorized derivatives. Without treatment the product has a technical purpose – it has provided soap, candles, and lubricants.

Harm and the use of palm olein

The world community is still some debate about the safety of this fat for the human body. As it is a natural product, do not apply to application of categorical. The question of whether it is harmful palm olein to the body, cannot be answered unequivocally. Keep in mind that overreliance on any vegetable fat is dangerous to the reproductive system and hormonal balance.

Harmful than palm oil? For starters, the presence of saturated fats in large quantities. Excessive drinking negates the benefits, and makes it harmful. Fat clogs the blood vessels, expel it from the body very difficult. Such a view is common among consumers, however, is rejected by Russian scientists, as scientifically unjustified.

Palm olein, what is it? The solid state of the fat found wide application in cosmetology. Masks, creams, conditioners, styling products is just a small list which you add the olein. Monosaturated and polysaturated acids tone the blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, speed up the cell renewal process. Tocotrienol have antioxidant property.

Komarovsky about palm olein in baby formula

Renowned pediatrician does not share concerns about harm supplements, and GMOs. On the question of its readers: palm olein, what is it, doctor answers: «a horror story for consumers.» Medical practice shows that health problems are the same (constipation, Allergy) for children breastfed and those fed formula milk with olein. According to doctors, is much more important to lead a healthy lifestyle and to monitor the child. More walk, breathe fresh air, to harden, to give exercise.

Video: how harmful palm oil

Dairy products, once useful, now pose a threat. They cannot eat all you want. All because of palm oil, the dangers and the benefits which argue now and will be debating for a long time. The main problem is that the quality of impurities in products produced in Russia, are very low. Often the additive does not meet state Standards and therefore carries a risk for people.


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