How to draw kikoriki the Tiny, Nyusha and Hedgehog pencil stages

Favorite and familiar cartoon characters that will delight children. The child often not only reviewing several times the animation, but also wants to get loved hero in the form of toys, pillows, cups, photo. A great idea should be to combination your favorite cartoon Smeshariki and creativity. To embody idea easily. If you know how to paint smesharikov, you get to create something unusual. Beautiful illustration or applied arts – you decide! In any case, the heroes of the cartoon «Smeshariki» in pictures can get into a new adventure.

How to draw pencil stages smesharikov

Consider some of the details, when you create an illustration in stages:

  • start the drawing in pencil, light pressure;
  • when the drawing is ready, auxiliary lines and strokes are erased, and the main induced stronger;
  • add some giggles to their main attributes: hats, bows, glasses;
  • don’t forget the background, which shows the heroes – it needs to be intense, vibrant colors.


And well-mannered scientist character is drawn so:

  1. Draw a circle as the basis of Lacasa.
  2. Placed proportionally on top of the horns. So it was easier to make, immediately draw a triangle coming out of the middle of the base. Inside we place horns similar to a comb.
  3. In the lower corner of the sub triangle (the center of the base), draw a nose in the form of drops. The nose of Lacasa large, broad, nostrils.
  4. On the nose are large eyes with slightly lowered eyelids, inside the eye connected together by the pupils (if the hero is looking at your nose).
  5. Add eyebrow (horns), small ears (on the sides), wide good-natured smile (under the nose). Smile at the edges of the note touches.
  6. Legs and arms of the character are oval, similar to the hooves.



The cartoon is funny without inventor? Not only Smeshariki! Pin funny in illustrating not too simple, but if you decide to paint smesharikov in stages, without this adorable hero simply can not do. How to paint smesharikov who like experiments:

  1. The base must be a circle. Draw, immediately divided into two equal parts – upper and lower. In the upper half placed eyes, strokes depicted the oval of the beak (under the eyes). Eye pins round shape, eyelids half-mast, the pupils directed to one point.
  2. The bottom half is divided by the arc is the midsection of our hero.
  3. The beak needs to be slightly lowered. In the oval add the tick, tick of the edges of the rounds. If you rotate the pin, the check mark will be similar to brace.
  4. Immediately over the centuries «under construction» glasses with a thick rim.
  5. The final attribute is the helmet. Above points draw an arc on each side placed another small lugs.
  6. The character’s hands just drawn, pointed straw: they look like the wings of a swallow.
  7. Feet pin like in boots, so draw two vertical, then two horizontal oval.

CT Of Carica

The artistry of this little one not to take! How to create a CAW of Carica how to draw kikoriki in stages in pencil:

  1. Immediately on the circle draw an oval of medium size – the basis for the beak, and two smaller ovals for eyes.
  2. Draw a beak on the lower half of the curved line, is the sash of our bird’s nose.
  3. The pupils in the eyes draw the United.
  4. Crow decor-baby butterfly below the beak.
  5. Hand drawn oblong, oval, their ends share two lines on each handle is a fingers.
  6. Since Kar Karych – bird, the bottom of the foot drawn as the birdie Smeshariki – two separated fingers on each leg.


How not to paint smesharikov with a romantic by nature and loving soul? Cute cartoon sheep drawn:

  1. Draw a thin and neat line, divided vertically and horizontally two lines.
  2. At the intersection of two lines draw a triangular nose, the bottom edge drags a thick dark line.
  3. On the nose have eyes, the pupils close to each other, but not touching.
  4. Horns draw voluminous curls, underneath them placed ears of small size downward.
  5. When small details are completed, then proceed to main circle. On the bottom of the circle draw a light wavy line.
  6. Limbs Barash is hooves, so draw their elongated ovals, and they end up doing two teeth.

The kopatychem

The kindest and chubby cartoon character. To create a gentleman, just Kopatychem:

  1. Circle-based divide into 4 pieces using two auxiliary lines – horizontal and vertical.
  2. Draw a big nose on the intersection of the lines.
  3. Chubby and cute cheeks depicted on the side of the nose by means of two brackets.
  4. Between brackets-cheeks hold a connection a smile.
  5. Added eyes. The eyes of Kopatychem large, round pupils inside the same direction – inward.
  6. Draw ears at the top of the circle is small and round.
  7. Then proceed to the legs. They are pear-shaped, large size. In the upper extremities apply a couple strokes of your fingers, but the lower depicted in the form of boots.
  8. Behind the ears attached to the hat. The hat consists of two ovals, large and small, are crossed.

Video tutorials drawing in stages

In heroes of Smeshariki embodied a variety of animals with interesting characters: a cute pig, a sheep lover, artistic Raven. Turn everyday life into a story, learn how to draw kikoriki, which will decorate baby albums, posters and children’s greeting cards as a gift. Popular cartoon together with creativity teach a child to the very bright. Warmth and bright colors to your characters!

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