How to find out on hand, how much will the children

People tend to plan their lives, often wonder whether it is possible to know in advance how many will be children. It is possible to learn by hand, although nowadays the line hands on record about the possibility of a person to have a certain number of children, and not about what they will be so much.

Второстепенные линии лучше видны, если ладонь немного согнуть

You will need

  • The ability to navigate in the lines of your palm


1. Look at the hand «point of reference». The hill of mercury under the little finger. Heart line begins between the bases of the index and middle fingers and goes towards the little finger. This is one of the main lines, it is usually clear, so look for smaller line is easier from it.

Рука с обозначенными на ней линиями сердца и любви

2. Look at the palm line of marriage. It’s a small line on the edge of the palm between the base of the little finger and the end of the heart line. It is also called as the line of love. It shows how strong affections of heart a person will experience throughout life.

3. Locate the line of children. They depart from the line of marriage. More Pronounced deep lines portend sons, fine daughters talk about.

4. To determine the period of life in which children have the greatest chance to be born, can be but approximate. Mentally divide the gap between heart line and the top of the hill of mercury on three. Each part is approximately 25 years. Let’s see which of these segments are line marriage and children line.

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