How to call a girl who was born in August

In August appear proud, independent, energetic and noble people. Girls born in this month, charismatic, popular among his peers and very true. The name of The baby, of course, should be appropriate to its nature. How to call a girl who was born in August?

Как назвать девочку, родившуюся в августе


1. Good names for babies born in August, are: Maria, Svetlana, Milena, Christina, Anna, Serafima, Nona and Juliana.

2. If you call a Hebrew girl named Mary, she is likely to be a kind and calm girl. Maria is very hardworking and a good student. They are open, reasonable, decent. Do not like conflict, but their opinions do not hide and openly Express.

3. The old Slavic name Svetlana are sociable and cheerful girl. The character of Svetlan quite contradictory: in the kindness of her neighbors with firmness and prudence with altruism.

4. The name Milena is of Slavic origin and means honey. Milena is often the only one in the family and usually very spoiled. These girls are fast becoming independent and good learning. Milena careful, the Executive, but arrogant and demanding.

5. Christina, especially those born in late summer, bright, stylish and confident girls. They are very diligent: learn well and help around the house. But Christina often touchy, suspicious and quick-tempered. Life girls with this name tend to become better and to reach a certain position in society.

6. Anna is a kind, charming, artistic and good-looking girls. They are always ready to help in difficult situation and sympathize. Anna is very proud and don’t like to give advice. And yet they remember all the insults and never compromise.

7. The ancient name of St. Seraphim are moving, honest and business girls. They are often very gullible and very vulnerable. The Seraphim is nice, easy-going, they are very hardworking and have a clear artistic talent.

8. Nona – friendly, cheerful and a carefree girl. They are good and easy to learn, attend sections. Growing up, Nona become extremely ambitious and impulsive, although they are well kept.

9. Charming and open Ulyana – lovers and creative personalities. They draw, write poetry, but not friends with the exact Sciences. Adults Ulyana cheerful, hardworking, straightforward and a bit secretive. Never forgive her betrayal.

10. Besides the already mentioned, the calendar also recommend call girls, born in August, names Susanna, Anfisa, Concordia, Tamara, Anita, Julia, Olympics, Elizabeth.

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