Boots – a fashionable accent in your wardrobe

The boots of different colors and styles — perfect footwear for changeable spring weather. To make your wardrobe brighter, choose colored boots. But what to wear them not to become like parrot?

Ботильоны – модный акцент в вашем гардеробе

Today, designers are advised to choose plain boots, but the color is solely on your taste. You can stay in youth bright shoes — red, green, yellow, and you can choose the timeless classics – black, tan, beige…

Any boots combine perfectly with leggings-skinny jeans that don’t hide, but accentuate your fashionable shoes. The outfit in the boho or pants-cigarettes of bright fabric perfectly combined with the bright boots, and soft patterns are perfect lightweight coat, lightweight asymmetrical skirt, classic pants. Also do not lose their relevance and the combination of jeans with ankle boots, for example, skinny jeans with ankle boots color tanned leather and wool jacket original.

It should also be noted that for informal events, parties, you can choose ankle boots metallic colors (gold, silver). Do not be shy and to mitigate their glitter subdued outfit, on the contrary, pick up a shiny skirt or blouse, Golden (silver) clutch, bright massive jewelry. Well, in order to not freeze when it is still not very high temperature, combine your bright outfit with a warm wool coat, jacket, poncho thick wool fabric feminine silhouette.

Useful tip: in the summer buy ankle boots with open nose, and the original finish.

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