Tip 1: How to know the finger size

Choosing a suitable to your finger ring is quite simple, but there are some subtleties, tips and pitfalls.

Как узнать размер пальца

You will need

  • — cut tape, cord, thick thread
  • centimeter
  • — suitable ring
  • pencil
  • — a sheet of paper


1. The ring size is affected by two factors: the thickness of the finger where you will wear the ring width and the expected ring – whether it is a thin ring or wide ring.

2. A great way to determine ring size is to visit the nearest jewelry store and try on a sample-measuring instrument. Usually professional goldsmiths there are two sets of standard rings – thin, about 3 mm, and for rings of a width exceeding 8 mm. If you want a wide ring, and a second meter in the store randomly, it is better to add to the resulting size half-size.

3. If you want to find out your size at home, take thick cut tape, cord, or thread. Wrap tightly around the finger, but do not tighten, cut at the joints or mark with a felt pen. Attach the resulting cut to the line. You get the circumference of the ring, and we need the diameter. Have to remember the school geometry course and to divide the resulting number by 3,14. Pochivshaya number and a Russian the size of your ring.

4. You can also make that suits you the ring against the paper, cut around it with a pencil and measure from the inside diameter. Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that we have not only different in circumference the fingers of one hand, but size and the same fingers on your right and left arm may differ.

5. In Russia, the ring size is inner diameter. European size – the length of the inner circumference. To find out your European size, it is enough to multiply or Russian at 3,14 or, if you don’t know Russian, just measure the manner described above the finger, but not to forget about possible errors.

6. Compliance with Russian and European size British, American and Japanese need to look at special tables.

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