How to survive with minimal losses is the death of a loved one?

The death of a person for the people around him are often incomprehensible, frightening, painful. And how to accept the fact that a close relative or friend, throughout the life were beside you, suddenly disappears from the face of the Earth forever?

Как пережить с наименьшими потерями смерть близкого человека?

First of all, you should remember that everything in this world is going through certain stages of development: birth, growth, maturity, aging, death. Moreover, this applies not only to humans and animals, but to inanimate objects: stars, States, civilizations, etc. Nothing in this world is not eternal, so the universe works.

Think for a moment that in a hundred years no one alive will be on Earth. Perhaps that will remain a unit – the so-called long-livers. Considering the events on a planetary scale, we can come to the conclusion that we all sooner or later die, each person measured his tenure on Earth.

If you are a believer, it will be easier to understand and survive the death of a loved one, because faith gives hope. According to the Bible all of us waiting for the second coming of Christ, the resurrection of all the dead and the last judgment. Are the righteous remain in the Kingdom of heaven, sinners will forever absorb a hyena fiery. So predicts about the future of Orthodoxy for all Christians.

In the meantime, in anticipation of what was spoken by the Holy Scripture of the events, attend the temple, book of funeral prayers, put the candles for the repose of the soul of the deceased servant of God, communicate with the priest – all this will help you to numb the pain of loss.

There are other, distinct from Orthodoxy of religion, in which people also look forward to the possibility of life after death. For example, in Buddhism, people believe in a chain of rebirths after death and the enlightenment, which becomes the apogee of spiritual and personal development. The enlightened person in Buddhism is an individual, are in complete harmony with nature and the Universe and receiving beyond normal human abilities, even to immortality.

The essence of death, its meaning is largely still a mystery to most living people on Earth. If physiology is more or less clear, the questions about the existence of the soul still remain open.

Day of death remains for loved ones of the departed person mournful memorable date, but who knows, maybe someday humanity will discover the secret, and this event will get a completely different, more conscious evaluation.

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