How to hypnotize person eyes

In the human eye holds enormous power. Look which attracts people, subjecting them to his desire, is called the magnetic, or hypnotic. Lucky with congenital magnetic eyes, a little. However, magnetic glance can reach any person with the help of special exercises. What gives? In the professional field – an advantage over competitors, the orator’s success in speeches, in personal terms – magnetic attraction for people.

Как загипнотизировать человека взглядом


1. Exercise concentration
Take a white sheet of paper and in the center of the sheet draw a black circle with a diameter of not more than 2-3 cm Attach a sheet of paper on the wall. The point should be at your eye level, when you look at it from a distance of 1-2 meters. Your task is to in for some time motionless, look at the point. You can start with the 1-minute exercises.
This exercise should be done daily, increasing its duration by 1-2 minutes every 2-3 days. 15 minutes exercise is not recommended.
In the process of exercises you need to concentrate on the point without distractions. Blinking the eyes not permitted except to raise his eyebrows. Perhaps copious tearing, but with regular exercise it will stop. If the eyes are tired, they can be rinsed with cold water or make a compress. It is also desirable to perform the exercise on the concentration in the morning or in the evening hours, under natural light.

2. Complication exercises for concentration
Now exercise can be difficult.
— Slip sheet in the direction (left/right) for 1-1,5 m. Look straight ahead. Then, without turning his head, staring at the circle for 1-3 minutes. Pause slightly and repeat the exercise 5 times (also with pauses).
— Walk around the room, continuing to look at the point.
— Fabricate several sheets with circles. Moving around the room, move your eyes from one point to another.
— Stand against the wall and quickly «runs» the eyes from one point to another: circles, zigzags, along, across, cross-wise, etc. Exercise should stop once tired eyes. Before that calm gaze, stopping it at one point.
— Stand at a distance of 1 m from the wall with a circle. Turning his gaze on the circle, roll your head in different directions up-down, left-right, in a circle. (This exercise is also useful as charging for the eyes).

3. Exercise with mirror
When the concentration of view acquired, you can begin to develop a Central view.
You need to sit in front of a mirror and to direct the attention of the image – specifically, in the region of the nose.
At the first exercise with the mirror, draw a dot on the nose.
Start the exercise with 1-3 minutes, every 2-3 days you need to add 1-2 minutes (but not more than the minute 15 minutes!).
The point of this exercise to exercise should reduce, replaced by bright paint on the lighter.

4. Exercises with portraits
This exercise should be done in the bathroom, where the walls hangs many large size portraits or photographs of people of both sexes.
Sit in front of the portrait and look at it for 1 minute, giving a look into the nose of the depicted person. Then repeat the same procedure with portraits of other people. Opinion it is necessary to translate quickly, with lightning speed.

5. The use of technology magnetic sight on people
First, you need to train with someone of his friends. Seat himself opposite his friend and look on the Central look up to until he asks to stop.
Practice, practice, practicing on a magnetic force sight. In this case your opinion and the person should maintain a natural expression, but the look should reflect your strength, your will, your desire.

6. Stop look
Aerobatics in the possession of magnetic sight – stopping look.
For example, you can tame a dog look evil (which it is not recommended to do if you have not yet developed the perfect magnetic look). By looking at possible to stop criminals or hooligans. As it once could be done, for example, Grigory Rasputin.
By the way, Japanese geisha also mastered the art magnetic sight. After all, a true geisha was considered the one that could stop the male gaze.
To produce the perfect magnetic look, you need to constantly train. But the result is worth it, isn’t it?

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