How to determine that the man loves me

Perhaps you would like to know what happens with relationships that last for a long time without vivid signs that a man really loves you. You would like the future development of your relationship, but unsure of his feelings for you. While you believe that he loves, at some point doubt it.

Как определить, что мужчина меня любит


1. A man can deceive with words, but his eyes are not deceived. If he loves you, it is reflected in his eyes. You just look him in the eyes and read in them love and tenderness. The only «but»: one should not confuse loving gaze with a look man who is experiencing a passion. Because passion (love) and love is not the same thing. The sight of a loving man warms you with its warmth, while the men look in love — burns. His eyes glisten, as if to devour you. Love is heat, passion, fire. Therefore, passion (love) burns out quickly, leaving nothing but ash and pleasant memories. Even easier to identify by sight the man who is indifferent or lost interest in you. He avoids looking at you, and in his eyes you won’t find warmth and tenderness. Nothing but the cold.

2. According to difficult to determine, does your man really is. Fiery words love men who is experiencing a passion, is easily mistaken for love. Therefore, women who believe that it is often burned. When a man says in his love and says he can’t live without you, he cannot be guilty of lying. Because he may be in love to truly believe. Or simply knows how to speak beautifully. This is especially true don Juan, who know that «women love with their ears». But if it is, you will feel falsity. So you need to trust your feelings more than words. If you’re talking about his love, but he remained silent, this is not necessarily a sign that he does not love you. Maybe he just doesn’t know how to convey love in words. But expresses love in actions and deed, care for you. Or he believes that to talk about love and show affection is a weakness. This is especially true of men-macho.

3. It tends to be more often with you and he likes to spend time together. Although, of course, this does not mean that he will cease to communicate with their friends. But yet he finds a reason to go somewhere together, but tries to be near you. He likes your companionship, and your opinion is important to him. However, even in loving couples, there are times when they get tired of society from each other. Especially when they are locked in a narrow world of their relationship. So do not blame the man that he devotes much time to the friends or hobby, or just wants to be alone. You both must be some kind of personal space, this is the best way not to get tired of each other.

4. He cares about the people you love — parents, friends, and he’s trying to find a common language with them. He introduces you to his friends. But even more is a sure sign that he loves you — if you are a divorced woman or a single mom, and he loves your child. Because the child is a part of you. If he wants to meet up just the two of us, perceives child as a burden, pretends it doesn’t exist, or he is indifferent to you, learning about the child — it is a sure sign that he really doesn’t like.

5. He plans your future together. If he acts like you each by itself (just met and ran away) — this looks serious. Of course, if you are quite a long time. Although I must say, family is not the only form of relationship. Sometimes, he and she are Dating, not living together and living separate lives. The question is whether it suits you and will arrange such a relationship in ten years. Separately to say about extramarital relationships, when a woman — mistress. If he promises to divorce and marry you, but is taking no steps, no need to delude ourselves. He’s comfortable in this situation, you’re wasting your time. As well as the opportunity to meet a man who will love you so deeply that you were the only one for him.

6. He loves you for who you are. Does not inspire complexes about small Breasts or excess weight, and admires your miniature figure or your curvy shape. In addition, loves you not only for looks, but also loves your character. Love to see you natural, without make-up, and when you Wake up with messy hair. (Just don’t need to abuse it.)

7. You just feel that he loves you. If so, you need no words, and no other evidence. You just feel loved and don’t doubt it. But, if that were so, you would not be reading this article, right?

8. So you can use another method based on intuition. Just ask him a direct question if he loves you. The main thing is not the answer, but how he behaves. Takes do opinion, stiffens, draws the issue into a joke or smirks, as he is honest, etc. However, this method has one drawback: men really do not like this question. Them very annoying when a woman constantly asks «do you love me?» We can say, the women of their most annoying it is this. If you want to know the answer to your question, ask. But only one time.

9. To find out if he loves you by actions. Love has many definitions, because each person loves in their own way. But still, when a man loves, he cares, tenderness, supports you and pays attention to you. This is a more sure sign than words. «I want to know a person — look at his deeds». The only «but»: if no, do not blame a man that he is not paying attention to you. Especially do not demand from the man some actions toward you. It’s no use. If not, then no, a man will not make love with reproaches and demands. Just make conclusions for themselves.

10. Like «friend is known in trouble», a man is judged in extreme situations. Of course, it is not necessary to make check and create a situation. But if you — God forbid, of course — were in a difficult situation, only then you will be able to see whether or not a man loves. Hide does from time to time, throw in a difficult moment or fills his strong and reliable shoulder.

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