How to make a questionnaire for girls

Questionnaire for girls is a simple and fun way to learn more about your friends and to save the memory for years to come. Now you know how to make a bright and colorful form.

Как сделать анкету для девочек

You will need

  • Notebook or album, colored pens and markers, magazine clippings, stickers, glue, scissors, photos.


1. First, choose a thick beautiful notebook or scrapbook. You can decorate it by gluing on the cover photos or magazine clippings, and then securing it all with tape. Because of this, your form will not only be beautiful but also durable.

2. Secondly, remember, the first page belongs to the owner of the questionnaire. Here you can write about yourself, attach a photo, tell us about your entertainment and Hobbies. Don’t forget about the markers and pens, make each page colorful.

3. Third, and most important — questions. You can write on the next page, after, or on each page for friends (it is convenient but will take a long time).
Be sure to start a list of questions with the name, date of birth, address and phone. And then you can ask whatever you like… for Example, about favorite movie, actors, music, Hobbies, parents, Pets. You can even ask a few tricky questions))
Again, decorate the pages with stickers and clippings and don’t forget to ask your friends, not only to answer questions but also to make beautiful your profile.

4. Fourthly, fill the form of different interesting information and contests to your friends it is never boring to fill it. For example, add headings: «did you know…?», «The secret» (Sahni the right of the page to get the envelope and let everyone put a little surprise), «Interview» (all will be able to ask you any question),»Pets», etc.

5. Beautiful form even after many years will remind you about your friends, and you smile will be remembered vivid moments of your childhood.

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