Why are people not looking into the eyes

Look into the eyes or not? Over this question puzzled the heads of many people. It is believed that not looking me in the eye only when deceive. And psychologists say that this is not so, and offer several options of possible reasons why people in the conversation may not look into the eyes of another.

Почему человек не смотрит в глаза

British scientists have conducted a series of experiments and found that just in one second of time, when people look each other in the eye, they get a lot of information which can get three hours of active communication. Part of the reason to look into the eyes of the other person constantly is very difficult and a person has to take a look.
In addition, it is proved that when a person looks at another and eye to eye, it is very annoying and makes me nervous. Because it seems that he is trying to «read». And do not want anyone.
In some cases, the abstraction of the eye in the direction of the conversation is considered a sign of shyness, which is confirmed scientifically. Look you can give all your respect to the object, interest, and love, and commitment makes her eyes Shine in a special way. And if a person does not want you to understand his feelings right now (maybe too early?), he will not be able to look you in the eye constantly.
It is impossible to look into the eyes and that man who look «pierced», heavy. Already from the very first seconds of communication with that contact becomes very uncomfortable, unpleasant and uncomfortable. This view of presses and makes us look away to the side.
Insecurities — another point, why people can not look straight in the eye. If your interlocutor something in the course of conversation sifting through his, nervously crumples the napkin, pulls at the ears, nose or hair, it gives deep emotion. So, he will avoid direct eye contact, so as not confident in his actions. And knows exactly what to do now and which look most appropriate for you to «send».
Of course, there are those cases when people are not looking in the eyes simply because the last he is not interested. Then sense to share information verbally and non-verbally not. To recognize that the reason is boredom need as quickly as possible, so as not to lead useless conversations. Besides, it’s pretty straightforward. In addition to the lowered glance of the man will show other signs of disinterest: the underlined palladiana at his watch, occasionally yawning, constant interruption of conversations under the pretext of answering a phone call etc. In this case it is better to say goodbye with someone as soon as possible.
Don’t want to have problems with communication, work out not to look away during the conversation. Then it will be easier for you and to make new friends, and build working relationships.

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