House decoration for Christmas and New year

Some of the brightest and happiest of winter holidays — New year and Christmas are celebrated by almost all. Anyhow, in any home you can find at least the pine tree, decorated with rain, and figures of father Frost and snow Maiden. The reason, of course, large output, and good childhood memories associated with these holidays.

Украшение дома к Рождеству и Новому Году

Currently in design art-interior design has a whole line of different options of decorating homes for Christmas and the New year. However, it is not necessary to consult specialists in order to make your home beautiful and cozy festive. However, if you are serious, professional advice does not harm anyone else. And we, in this article we will discuss various options for self-house decoration.


In Russia, unlike the Protestant and Catholic Europe, rarely build the houses the Christmas Nativity scenes, which is a pity: the tradition of Orthodoxy is not contrary to, and occupation is very interesting and touching. As a rule, the Central «character» of Christmas and Christmas themes is the Christmas tree. It is green barbed beauty is usually given a Central place in the living room, it sparkles and shimmers all sorts of lights, garlands and lanterns.

The most difficult choice associated with a Christmas tree, is well known: a natural or artificial. Both options have their pros and cons, to choose, of course, you.

Decorating the Christmas tree should be consistent, from top to bottom, from top to bottom of paws. First on the Christmas tree hung all the electric lights and stars, balls, figurines and various ornaments of this kind, and last but not least: rain, confetti, and other tinsel.

The design of the Windows and doors

Now gradually coming into fashion in the decoration of Windows and doors. Usually the Windows are suspended electric lights and shiny balls, which are clearly visible from the street to all passers-by. As for the doors are a variety of traditional fir wreaths with bells.

The design of the room

Home for Christmas and New year, everyone decorates as he likes, there is almost no single system. Of course, interior designers try to systematize this decorative clutter, creating some scenarios for festive decoration of premises. However, most people follow the old: the more the better.

So at home, especially if they have children, covered with different snowflakes, garlands, balloons, congratulations, fir-tree paws and other attributes of winter holidays.

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